https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7Fi-etTqkMTAKE A VIRTUAL TOUR

[CLICK HERE] A word from me. I, Phil Goble, am in a wasteland. A voice crying out in the wilderness. A wasteland called Crown Heights, Brooklyn, where everyone is a darshan (preacher) and no one is a darshan. But how can the Crown Heights Messiahists (deluded by a false dead Christ named Schneersohn) be saved without faith? And what is faith but adherence to the Word? And how shall they hear the Word without a preacher? And how shall they believe and be saved unless a preacher is sent? You say, "I don't listen to non-Jewish preachers, and I don't believe in lady preachers." My only argument with you is to say that I would be in hell if I had not had a non-Jewish preacher and a lady preacher. For my entire youth the preacher in my life was my born again mother. Then, when despite her preaching (and she was a "Huldah" for me 2 Kings 22:14–20 and 2 Chronicles 34:22–28, though I did not inquire of her), even so, when I had completely corrupted myself in a "far country" called Beverly Hills, my mother sold all that she had and went on what would be the journey of her life to rescue her prodigal actor son, to drag me to hear another preacher named Myron Taylor so I could be saved. And how was I saved? By the "foolishness of preaching" (1 Corinthians 1:21). Preachers are tested by their audience, so you may be weighing this in your mind right now, whether to click out of this website, "since ye seek proof of Messiah speaking in me, which to you-ward is not weak, but is mighty in you." (2 Corinthians 13:3). This is the proof you seek. My mother sacrificed all she had and her sacrifice was not in vain. My Savior saw her sacrifice and said, "So noted." And He did indeed speak through the preacher my mother found, Myron Taylor, and the Holy Spirit wooed me and convicted me with many tears and I heard the κήρυγμα (the proclamation which is cried by a κήρηξ a herald), the proclamation of the Gospel, which went something like this: Phil Goble, for you, at the age of 28, it has become right now for you the Latter Days, it is right now for you your last chance to escape, and right now you must accept that your Savior has been born, has lived, has ministered, has died for you personally, and has stood up alive from the grave as Judge, and that for you, Phil Goble, the Holy Spirit had come to convict you of sin, and of God’s righteousness, and of the coming judgment when your Savior returns and that you must right now turn from sin and receive the Father's offer of forgiveness, and the Holy Spirit, and salvation. That was the proclamation I heard, the κήρυγμα (that which is cried by a κήρηξ a herald). And as then in 1971, so in the beginning all the Jewish "Iva Goble's" and "Myron Taylor's" of the First Century Meshichistim Yidden went everywhere preaching the Gospel. And the Orthodox Jewish Bible says "And those having gone forth preached the Hachrazah (Proclamation, Kerygma) everywhere, [while] Adonoi was working with them, confirming the Besuras HaGeulah through the accompanying otot (signs). Omein." (Mark 16:20) As you explore this website, remember that your donation will help us keep this mainstream translation THE ORTHODOX JEWISH BIBLE in print for the Orthodox Jews in prison who are waiting to receive their free copy. Make a donation of $30 or more and get a complimentary copy of THE ORTHODOX JEWISH BIBLE with free shipping in the U.S.A. or just send US $30 payable to AFII check or money order with your shipping address to AFII P.O. Box 2056 NY NY 10163 to get your Bible.
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Chronology and partial Bibliography


Born in Princeton, Indiana; born again in 1971, when my mother, born again in 1935 in the Reel Ave Christian Church in Vincennes, Indiana where my grandfather sang in the choir, looked for a congregation in that fellowship of congregations and dragged me to this pastor, this preacher who preached me into salvation and then called McGavran, also in the same fellowship of congregations as my grandfather, and then this preacher sent me to McGavran to begin my ministry


Enrolled at Indiana University having graduated from Oakland City High School when I believe a divine clock started to tick for me and many Jewish people. In my sixth year following my high school graduation, in June fifth sixth seventh eighth ninth and tenth, the Six-day War occurred where Israel destroyed the Egyptian Air Force in a preemptive strike and "Jerusalem was no longer stomped down by gentiles" (Luke 21:24). And just four years after that the book below under the publishing date 1974, Everything You Need to Grow A Messianic Synagogue, was researched starting in 1971 when the crucial passage in Act chapter 21 was translated. Because after 1967, instead of one or two Jewish people coming to faith, there were hundreds of congregations of Jewish people coming to faith, and this 1974 book told them "Look don't follow Paul's (church planting) example (see Galatians 2:9 on the proper Shliach congregation planting specialization); follow the example of Yaakov the Shliach who had a Messianic Synagogue in Jerusalem and these Jews were zealous for the Torah and they lived a Jewish lifestyle, they did not assimilate and the synagogues were very Jewish, and they saw Moshiach in every verse of the Torah (Luke 24:44). And that's why they were so zealous for the Torah. They believed in the Moshiach (Acts 21:20). And so they said, "Rav Shaul you have to go to the Temple and show that you're still a practicing Jew and you have to leave us to keep doing what we're doing which is proliferating messianic synagogues!" (see Acts chapter 21.) So this book was researched in my tenth year after high school which was four years after the Six Day War and God was timing the publication of this book, I believe, and that's why when I got out of high school there were ten long years before I became a believer because Hashem wanted to wait because He knew that when my salvation preacher picked up the phone and called Donald McGavran "Hey I've got a young man here I want to send over to the seminary" at that exact moment, Hashem arranged and timed that this book would come through McGavran. And that's why it (my salvation) was timed the way it was.


Donald McGavran arrives in Pasadena, California


Abe Schneider was an open air preacher. In the Fairfax area of Los Angeles for 23 years Abe knocked on Jewish doors and tried to present the Good News to them, and for 23 years the door was slammed in his face. But then this thing happened June 7, 1967, and all of a sudden they weren't slamming the door; they were listening. And a great Jewish revival was beginning to happen. See Time Magazine June 12 1972 p.67. Many, many Jewish people were coming to the Lord. And the transition point was June 7, 1967. Now you should know this, because the ORTHODOX JEWISH BIBLE right here in Daniel 8:14 says, "And he said unto me (Daniel) unto EREV-BOKER 2300, then shall the Kodesh (the Sanctuary) be vindicated." And then when you get to Luke 21:24 it says, "Jerusalem will be trampled down by the Gentiles until the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled." And then notice in the ORTHODOX JEWISH BIBLE you have this all-important reference back to Daniel 8:13. Now when the Good News according to Romans is preached, when Paul, when Rav Shaul gets to Romans chapter 11, he says he doesn't want the Gentiles to be unaware, "For I do not want you to be unaware, Achim B'Moshiach (Brothers in Messiah), of this raz (mystery), lest you be wise in your own estimation, that a hardening in part has come upon Israel, UNTIL the full number of the Gentiles has come in." So this thing about the Gentiles and the times of the Goyim is very important. "And so, Klal Yisroel shall be delivered (shall be saved) as it is written, 'Out of Zion will come the Goel Deliverer, the Redeemer. He will remove peysha from Yaakov (Jacob, Israel).' " Now the ORTHODOX JEWISH BIBLE -- imagine this! -- Who in their right mind would write a book EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO GROW A MESSIANIC SYNAGOGUE -- unless there WAS a revival among the Jewish people! And that's what happened! God sent Abraham (Schneider), this open air preacher, and he came to Fairfax, Los Angeles. And then my teacher, Dr Donald McGavran arrived after him in 1965. And then the man that preached and I became a believer (Myron Taylor) arrived in 1966 in Southern California. And then a couple of years later, my mother, Iva Goble, arrived, to bring me to the congregation so I could find salvation. And then a little while after that Acts chapter 21 was translated (August 1971). And the proper exegesis of Acts 21 and Galatians 2:9 then shortly thereafter led to the publishing of EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO GROW A MESSIANIC SYNAGOGUE. Now imagine. God used these Gentiles (we were minor players and there were many others that God used even more) to prepare the way for a great people movement in the sense of organizing congregations. And many Jewish men became messianic synagogue planters using this (international missiologist Donald McGavran edited) book, Everything You Need to Grow A Messianic Synagogue. And this was all what God did. Now there was a man named Adam Clarke back in the time that Abraham Lincoln was a teenager. This Methodist British theologian sat down with nothing more than the Bible and by doing the calculation, he came (and he was very close, very accurate) to the time that he thought the Day of Jerusalem would be, when those (Israeli) paratroopers would go in and fight the Jordanian troops and actually take over the Temple Mount and that whole area of the Old City of Jerusalem, that this prophecy (Daniel 8:13-14) was fulfilled June 7, 1967. And Adam Clarke, a Methodist Expositor, actually saw it (1825). Now if you will go to Bible Hub and if you will Google "Daniel 8:13-14 Commentaries" you will then get the BibleHub commentaries and you can then click on "Clarke" and, if you use the search function to search for "1966" you will see that Adam Clarke actually writes in 1825 the year 1966. He almost got it right. He forgot to allow for that (since there's no Year Zero) Adam forgot to add 1 for the transition from BCE to CE. Adam Clarke wrote "A.M. לבריאת העולם ) 3670 ) B.C. 334; and two thousand three hundred years from that time will reach to A.D. 1966." Adam Clarke did not get that close, missing only by one year, spending all his time reading the Talmud. He studied the Bible.


Began translating what became THE ORTHODOX JEWISH BIBLE and not long after sat under the Revival teaching of J Edwin Orr which prepared him for a Jewish revival that came shortly thereafter


Began preaching like this and this and this in the open air with Open Air Campaigners in front of the main movie theatre at 961 Broxton in Westwood Village to UCLA students in Los Angeles, California.


Publication of Everything You Need To Grow A Messianic Synagogue, Pasadena, California (watch the YouTube video that deals with this book)


Doctoral finished, Messianic Judaism: A Biblical Apologetic with a View to Liturgical Reform


Periodical article (missiology) published, Reaching Jews through Messianic Synagogues


Arrive at Glad Tidings Tabernacle in New York City; see book on Glad Tidings Tabernacle, and also video on that time period


ARTISTS FOR ISRAEL incorporated as a 501c3 Not for Profit corporation Bible Society in the state of New York


Publication of Rabbi From Tarsus, Tyndale House Publishers, Wheaton, Illinois and also publication of Everything You Need To Grow A Messianic Yeshiva, Pasadena, California


Publication of How To Point To Moshiach In Your Rabbi's Bible; Film of Rabbi From Tarsus completed. See finale scene and also this scene

Hail, Alma Mater dear
Marxism brainwashed here
U.S. Venezuela near
Scoffer Marx will be our bier.
Praises to thee we sing
Comrad Millennials all we bring
Hail, Alma Mater dear
Scoffers all to hell we fling
There are college presidents with multimillion-dollar salaries, there are highly paid tenured professors who have brainwashed a generation with academic Marxism. Meanwhile college graduates owing their future earnings to 100,000 dollar college loans say they can't afford to get married, say they have to fornicate in their room at home with their girl friends and can't buy homes because of their debt-destroyed bad credit ratings. So they are ready to march to the voting booth now and turn the United States into Cuba. All because of one scoffer. 2 Peter 3:3 says, Knowing this first, that during the acharit hayamim (last days) there will come letzim (mockers, scorners) mocking, going after their own ta'avot (lusts). (Orthodox Jewish Bible) As Paul Johnson notes, "it was generally believed, not only in Germany but throughout Central and Western Europe, that [Marxist] Bolshevism was Jewish-inspired and led, and that Jews were in control of Communist Parties...Hitler was soon to make highly effective use" of this anti-Semitism with the Holocaust becoming his kind of Satanic preemptive strike. Religion-is-the-opiate-of-the-people Marx's words in The Communist Manifesto "the violent overthrow of the bourgeoisie [capitalist class owning means of production] lays the foundation for the sway of the proletariat [workers or working-class people, regarded collectively]" actually laid the foundation for the killing of more than a hundred million people in the last century. "By their fruit you will know them...Beware of false prophets" (Matthew 7:15-20) made into heroes by the leftist academicians.
Watch this video.


David Wilkerson does an exorcism right before he starts Times Square Church in New York City and we see the kiruv efforts of the true Rebbe Melech HaMoshiach entail his true credentials


Publication of The New Creation Book For Muslims and also New Creation Book for Muslims in Arabic also New Creation Book for Muslims in Urdu


Arrive Beth Shalom which means street preaching in Jewish New York and also during this period publication of The Complete Book For Artists For Israel (this is a big file, but if you want to learn Hebrew or Greek, this is your book) and also began to work on an Orthodox Jewish version of the Delitzsch Hebrew New Testament


Pentecostal signs and wonders thwart a persecution takedown.


Labor Day Weekend and the Lord checked us into the AFII website.


To understand the Orthodox Jewish Bible publication watch this video and this video and this video and this video and this video. Publication of The Orthodox Jewish Brit Chadasha


Phil Goble helped Stanley Berg organize the writing of his autobiography and history of Glad Tidings Tabernacle with publication of Called, Chosen, Faithful: the memoirs of Rev. R. Stanley Berg with Preface by David Wilkerson


On 9/10/2001 I was up all night praying and very angry, all my clothes on, my head propped up against the Beth Shalom door, because I felt danger coming. Almost all New Yorkers were sleeping, taking their ease, no clue prophetically. But by the grace of Elokeinu I had a "head's up" of danger coming for New York. And He even showed me terrorists were involved and I got it 40 days in advance and then 12 hours in advance. I refer to a 2001 calendar, but what about the calendar of your salvation?


Publication of The Orthodox Jewish Bible here see scholarship and preface here and here and here and here and commencement of "Garden of Gethsemane" type prayer meetings to do spiritual warfare and prepare for the remaining years of this ministry and the technology to be prepared for Muslims and Jews


2003 (October 9-12) was the year I attended a conference on Muslim Evangelism and The New Creation Book for Muslims was placed on a website called answering-islam.org (see answering-islam.org/L_c-on-i.html ) I recommend this website answering-islam.org/ because the people behind it have sound doctrine that lines up with the inerrant and immutable eternal Holy Scriptures. See also more links to our New Creation Book For Muslims in Urdu for Pakistanis. Publication of the 3rd Edition of The Orthodox Jewish Bible


See below for the connection of the 2004 film and the Rabbi From Tarsus film. The 2004 film is Mel Gibson's click BETWEEN the redsepic "Passion" film about Yeshua). This connection is the same publisher, Tyndale House, which God supplied for the Rabbi From Tarsus screenplay. The Lord also supplied the production company, the distributor, the film crew, the film director, and THE RABBI FROM TARSUS (Word, Inc, Waco, Texas became the producer of the VHS Home Video) was seen by hundreds of thousands of people, including new productions by professional actors in Australia, South Africa and all over the world. See publication of Rabbi From Tarsus, Tyndale House Publishers, Wheaton, Illinois 1981 and also film of Rabbi From Tarsus completed 1986.



Subscribers begin watching our OKAY1010 Youtube Channel and downloading our Yiddish Bibles and DAYS OF MOSHIACH is distributed to 79,000 Jewish homes in Brooklyn through a co-operative ministry effort


Although "old men" may "dream dreams"(Joel 2:28[3:1], e.g., a dream came regarding three family bodies in the funeral home embalming room on March 15, 2008 and was fulfilled on March 17, July 26, and August 12 only a few weeks later), the authoritative interpretation of the Hebrew Scriptures is not one's own "epilysis" (interpretation, 2 Peter 1:20-21), but that of the Apostles, and therefore Bible translations must not ignore this principle and also not go beyond it.


Shavuos miracle June 9 2011 when a Pentecostal minister does not just visit Pentecostal Vice President of AFII at her sick bed, but actually donates his kidney to her on Pentecost so that she can fulfill her Pentecostal ministry; Publication of Derech Hashem Elokeichem and Publication of FOURTH EDITION OF ORTHODOX JEWISH BIBLE


The Orthodox Jewish Bible is written about in the New York Times; Spanish uploaded to this website, including Everything You Need To Grow a Messianic Synagogue in Spanish and The Orthodox Jewish Brit Chadasha in Spanish also.


Translation work done on The Orthodox Hasidic Yiddish Bible and preparation of a website for The Four Spiritual Laws in Yiddish as well as work updating Bible Hub with translations here and here and here


Co-ordination of the Hasidic Yiddish translation of the Four Spiritual Laws into Yiddish and English, along with the creation of a Word Press website specifically for ministry to Hasidim; Publication of Yiddish/English Four Spiritual Laws and electronic or digital updating of ORTHODOX HASIDIC YIDDISH BIBLE and electronic or digital updating of ORTHODOX JEWISH HEBREW BIBLE as well as the English ORTHODOX JEWISH BIBLE, all three of which are included in the AFII APP


Publication of NEW CREATION BIBLE FOR MUSLIMS which is also made available on BibleHub and on our New Creation For Muslims APP


(click the red hereafter)COMING SOON New App to reach 1/4 of the world and also ORTHODOX JEWISH BIBLE (click the red hereafter) uploaded to SermonCentral for use by 1/4 million preachers weekly throughout the world. This includes doctrine that is sound in preaching that is translated into Yiddish for Yom Chamishi HaKadosh and Yom Shishi Hatov and Yom HaTechiyas HaMoshiach and HaTechiyas HaMoshiach and especially for Crown Heights messianic synagogue planting with this book. This was the year Phil Goble spoke for Chosen People and at a Bible Conference in Los Angeles


Phil Goble went to Pittsburgh to preach a revival and to get YouTube Subscribers



CLICK ON REDWhen the founder of CRU (Bill Bright) died in 2003, Billy Graham said: “He has carried a burden on his heart as few men that I’ve known- -a burden for the evangelization of the world. He is a man whose sincerity and integrity and devotion to our Lord have been an inspiration and a blessing to me ever since the early days of my ministry.” In 1972 when Phil was sitting in the Dallas Cotton Bowl watching these two men (Billy Graham and Bill Bright) ministering, little did he know that 47 years later, his work would appear in a Progressive Web App with Bill Bright’s work that would download potentially to one out of every four people in the world. GREAT TREES GROW FROM VERY SMALL SEEDS. When Ralph Winter came back from speaking at the 1974 Lausanne (Switzerland) International Congress on World Evangelization he published Phil's first book, EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO GROW A MESSIANIC SYNAGOGUE. Then Phil told him about the next project that he felt the Lord was laying on his heart, not knowing of course that all the above men would be in heaven by the time when the project would finally come to fruition at the end of 2019. “Being confident of this, that He Who BEGAN a good work in you will COMPLETE it...” Philippians 1:6. In 1974 there was neither the technology (PWA or Progressive Web App) nor the Biblical research to do the project Phil spoke to Ralph Winter about. But is anything TOO HARD for the Lord? No the Lord grew both the technological tree and the Biblical research tree over the next 47 years! If you want to know what is being talked about, open your IPhone browser and google “Subscribe Artists for Israel YouTube Channel” and watch the video!.

December 7, 2019 Reinhard Bonnke passes away, whose film offended the "New Evangelicals" at Beth Shalom who then "split" our congregation and departed like Demas.


New website built

New App for 1 out of 4 people on the planet Earth downloadable on your phone or tablet here

After Hamblen's conversion, William Randolph Hearst sent a telegram to all his newspaper editors: "Puff Graham." As a result, within five days Graham gained national coverage. With such media attention, the crusade event ran for eight weeks—five weeks longer than planned. Graham became a national figure. The same is happening now. It is as if the Lord said, "Puff the OJB!"

May 2 (Birthday present): great Bible Commentaries


(Tanakh pdf)

May 2 (Another birthday present): great Bible Commentary


(Brit Chadasha pdf)


comparing the Textus Receptus

and also and the Byzantine Greek New Testament and also comparing the UBS text the Orthodox Jewish Bible was added to the UBS as meeting their standard and the Artists for Israel International Bible Society joined the United Bible Societies January 22, 2021.

After Hamblen's conversion, William Randolph Hearst sent a telegram to all his newspaper editors: "Puff Graham." As a result, within five days Graham gained national coverage. With such media attention, the crusade event ran for eight weeks—five weeks longer than planned. Graham became a national figure. The same is happening now. It is as if the Lord said, "Puff the OJB!"

Baruch HaShem! On our translational Anti-Arianism treatment of ק נ ה in the Orthodox Jewish Bible and The New Creation Bible for Muslims and our other Bible translations, see this quote: "By examining the total range of attestation of the verb ק נ ה in West Semitic we have been able to discover that the correct translation of the epithet " ק נ ה ARETZ " is “Owner/Possessor of the land,” not “Creator” or “Begetter.” The common assumption that ק נ ה in West Semitic means “to create” is actually a scholarly heritage of interpretation related to a few select biblical passages going all the way back to the Septuagint translation, which has colored and shaped the way that Northwest Semitic inscriptions in our time have been read and understood." See https://www.religionofancientpalestine.com/?page_id=544

Your donation will help us keep this mainstream translation THE ORTHODOX JEWISH BIBLE in print for the Orthodox Jews in prison who are waiting to receive their free copy. Make a donation of $75 or more and get a complimentary copy of THE ORTHODOX JEWISH BIBLE with free shipping in the U.S.A. or just send US $30 payable to AFII check or money order with your shipping address to AFII P.O. Box 2056 NY NY 10163 to get your Bible and the same amount to get THE NEW CREATION BIBLE FOR MUSLIMS.

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Born in Princeton, Indiana, May 2, 1943

1. Parentage and Early Life. In a transitory and cult false prophet world, Earl Goble could trace his ancestry back eleven generations to England. Through my father Earl Goble, I am a direct descendent of Thomas Goble, who migrated to America in 1633 about 5 years after the birth of John Bunyan. Thomas Goble settled in Charlestown, Massachusetts. This was the Puritan Great Migration fleeing King Charles I. Thomas was admitted to the first Church of Charlestown on August 30, 1964. This was only an hour's drive from Plymouth, Massachusetts and only 13 years after the Mayflower landed. 10 generations later my father began working for the Public Service Electric Company as a lineman. He and his wife Iva and their firstborn Nicholas were able to rent a house on Trussler Street in Oakland City, Indiana, before buying one on Madison Street, where Phillip, or Phil, as he was called, grew up. From the age of nine Phil became determined to study acting and find fulfillment as an artist.

2. Early Adulthood. After graduating high school, Phil traveled one hundred miles to Bloomington, Indiana, where he began studies as a Drama major at Indiana University.  He finished both the Bachelor's and Master's degrees and then made his way to Hollywood, California, where shortly thereafter his professional acting career began before the camera and on stage.  However, one fateful day, on Hollywood Blvd, in the Readmore Bookstore, he happened to open the newly published New English Bible and began to read the Scriptures for the first time. Deeply stirred, it was just a matter of a few weeks before he was a graduate student again, this time enrolled in seminary in Pasadena, California.  It was now 1971 and he knew there was a holy call on his life and he had to answer it. Romans chapter 9 speaks of the divine purpose in pursuance of election based not on works but rather on "Him that calls" and this is of greatest importance to him and to you, to make this calling and election sure.

3. Preparation for Service (two miraculous motel rooms and two supernatural car rides). As soon as he began seminary, when he was not in the classroom or the library, he found himself preaching two or three times every week in the open air in the little village of Westwood, a couple of blocks from the University of California at Los Angeles. Most of his audience consisted of Jewish UCLA students, who would stop to inquire or debate. It was at this time that he began very slowly and painstakingly translating into English part of the Bible (not realizing he was embarking, in fact, on a forty year project, THE ORTHODOX JEWISH BIBLE in English, Yiddish, and Hebrew).  And now also he was studying books on Orthodox Judaism. For example, the first book he found in a Jewish bookstore in the Fairfax area of Los Angeles became very precious to him.  It was called, The Vocabulary of Jewish Life, and had been published by the Hebrew Publishing Company in New York City.  During this time he was filled with the Ruach Hakodesh and many miracles began to happen.  One day in 1973 he took a tape recorder and several suitcases of books and checked into a motel, where, for a long time, a kind of stream-of-consciousness inspiration was on him, and he dictated into the tape recorder his first book, EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO GROW A MESSIANIC SYNAGOGUE, which was edited by Donald McGavran in the weeks leading up to McGavran's keynote speech at Billy Graham's Lausanne Conference on World Evangelization. This book, EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO GROW A MESSIANIC SYNAGOGUE, was immediately published in 1974 with the result that many thousands of copies were being read by believers as well as Messianic Jews all over the world, who were multiplying exponentially during the last seven years, since the Six Day War (see Lk 21:24,29-31). 

One of the miracles that happened at this time was a vision regarding messianic synagogues in Florida.  Today there are more messianic synagogues in Florida than in most places in the world.  But then, in 1975, there were none. 

But no sooner did Phil arrive in Miami Beach to start planting messianic synagogues than he had a supernatural experience walking along the Atlantic Ocean.  The Ruach Hakodesh impressed on Phil to speak to a man who was standing about twenty feet out in the water, submerged in the ocean water up to his neck.  This seemed like a strange request, but a short time later Phil found himself riding around Hasidic Brooklyn in this man's 1975 black Cadillac, being given a tour of a vast and wonderful world of Yiddishkait.  The man himself, it turned out, was a Jewish media personality and celebrity in New York City, who knew all the Hasidic and Orthodox Jewish Who's Who in New York and Israel and was also G-d's instrument to inspire Phil for ministry in New York City, even indirectly giving him the idea of writing a play that would present Rav Sha'ul (the Apostle Paul) as a theatrical stage character--the historical chasid of all chasidim that he was.  However, when his brief tour of Hasidic Brooklyn was completed, no sooner did Phil get out to Laguardia Airport to fly back to Miami Beach, when something even stranger happened, and Phil was infused with a great spiritual burden of sadness and sorrow than can only be grasped by those given a heart to fathom Romans 9:1-3.  What happened was this.  At Laguardia airport a Messianic Jewish leader met Phil and they had an encounter with G-d there in the airport.  Weeping copiously, the Messianic Jewish leader told Phil about a vision he had had of an Inferno in Brooklyn.  It was like a terrible nightmare, a dream.  In the vision, with no one seemingly noticing or caring, the Hasidic neighborhoods of Brooklyn were on fire.  The Messianic Jew described it like whole Jewish cities on fire but no one stopping to look, no one bothering to call the Fire Department, no one even upset about the flames engulfing the Hasidic neighborhoods of Brooklyn.  After a long time of weeping, Phil got on the plane, shattered, weighed down now with a great Isaiah 66:24 burden * that had been suddenly imparted to him and would be with him for the rest of his life. It would be 31 years later when, in conjunction with several other Evangelical ministries, 79,000 DVD's would be mass-mailed to these neighborhoods in Brooklyn, and 41 years later when the Four Spiritual Laws and the Complete Yiddish Bible would be translated into Hasidic Yiddish

However, when Phil flew back from LaGuardia to Miami Beach to continue planting messianic synagogues, it did seem like ages since he had met the man out in the water of the Atlantic Ocean; yet it had only been a couple of days, but very fateful days indeed in 1975, as would be obvious 31 years later in the summer of 2006 when 79,000 DVD's would be mailed to these very neighborhoods. 

But resuming the chronicle in Miami Beach of pioneer messianic synagogue planting, we come to 1978. The first Monday of September being Labor Day, it was no small matter to the Lord to check this ministry into its website afii.org on Labor Day weekend, 1995, and to check the Orthodox Jewish Bible into the high-trafficked biblegateway.com on Labor Day, 2012. But so that it would be clear that He is the Potter and his ministers are just the clay, on Labor Day weekend, 1978, with three messianic synagogues established in Florida, but with great depression and totally penniless, all seemed hopeless. On that Monday night, September 4, 1978, walking on I-95, with only 23 cents in his pocket, no wallet, no home, no place to sleep, no place to go, a car suddenly stopped.  This car also took Phil for a supernatural ride, like the 1975 black Cadillac in Hasidic Brooklyn.  This car brought Phil to a motel, The Wishing Well Motel, in Boynton Beach, Florida, where a free room from the L-rd was waiting for him along with a spiritual experience that would set his course for the next two decades. It seemed all his prayers were being answered when he left the motel with the L-rd's business card, which read, "Your wish will come true at the Wishing Well Motel."  In rapid fashion the L-rd thereafter supplied what His business card had promised: many theatres all over America, Canada, and Israel, as well as a professional broadway director, the play's publisher (Tyndale House Publishers, Wheaton, Illinois, the same prestigious publisher that released the book version of Mel Gibson's click BETWEEN the redsepic "Passion" film about Yeshua), the screenplay, the production company, the distributor, the film crew, the film director, and THE RABBI FROM TARSUS (Word, Inc, Waco, Texas became the producer of the VHS Home Video) was seen by hundreds of thousands of people, including new productions by professional actors in Australia, South Africa and all over the world.      

4. The Idea Unfolds. While all of these performances were being prepared or taking place, a steady stream of books were being written:  EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO GROW A MESSIANIC YESHIVA, HOW TO POINT TO MOSHIACH IN YOUR RABBI'S BIBLE, and others.  A study of the Babylonian Talmud, the Jerusalem Talmud, and the Shulchan Arukh brought clarity to the idea that there was a need for a new translation of the Bible into English as well as a new Yiddish translation for "Shulchan Arukh" Orthodox and Hasidic Jews.  For the purpose of accomplishing these things, a new not-for-profit organization, and a Bible School and also a Bible Society, was founded in New York City called ARTISTS FOR ISRAEL (AFII P.O. Box 2056 New York NY 10163 or chat text 212.245.4188, along with a theatre with its raison d'etre to promote Biblical Judaism through the use of the arts and all kinds of media.


* footnote: "neither shall their eish (fire) be quenched and they shall be dera'on" [Daniel 12:2 says dera'on olam, inferring Everlasting Gehinnom].