A Jewish open air preacher checked into a hotel beneath New York City's World Trade Center.  He and some other ministers would be using the hotel as their base of operations until August 3, 2001, when their time of preaching in front of the World Trade Center would be completed.

The 40 Day Clock (
Jonah 3:4 ) Begins To Tick


Then, as we know now, exactly 40 days later, (and 40 is the number of probation or testing in the Bible), on September 11, 2001, we see these fearful words in Isaiah 30:25, where the Bible says, there shall be a "day of the great slaughter, when the towers fall":


Tishah B'Av, the day that marks the fall of the Beis HaMikdash, was the day in 1971 that the Orthodox Jewish Bible began to be translated.

  • About 3 years later, toward the end of 1974, the year that I finished the book, EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO GROW A MESSIANIC SYNAGOGUE, two thugs from a group outlawed in Israel as a terrorist organization, drove by a display window at 1410 Coney Island Avenue in New York City and shot bullets at a Bible opened to display Isaiah chapter 53; little did these terrorists know that only 5 feet from that bullet-riddled display window, THE ORTHODOX JEWISH BIBLE was going to be translated and put up on the internet in a cyberspace "display window" that the whole world could see. NOW THE WHOLE WORLD CAN SEE! LOOK! http://www.afii.org/ojbible.html Stop! Stop! READ HOW ONE MEMBER OF THIS SAME TERRORIST ORGANIZATION WAS TAUGHT BY THE RUACH HAKODESH TWENTY YEARS LATER NOT TO TRY TO BREAK INTO BETH SHALOM!!! WHEN WILL THESE "MARK GABINOWITZ'S" REALIZE THAT THEY ARE FIGHTING A LIVING MOSHIACH WHO LOVES THEM?
  • On Tishah B'Av 2001 (July 29) the translator of The Orthodox Jewish Bible preached a message about Jeremiah and the Beis HaMikdash.  Then a few days later he went to the hotel in the shadow of the World Trade Center where the Jewish open air preachers were staying and taught a Bible Study in their hotel room.  The essence of his message, quoting more or less word-for-word was, "TISHAH B'Av WAS LAST WEEK.  THIS WEEK YOU MUST PREACH LIKE JEREMIAH DID IN FRONT OF THE MARKED-FOR-DESTRUCTION BEIS HAMIKDASH.  JEREMIAH WAS PREACHING AT GROUND ZERO; WE MIGHT BE SITTING AT GROUND ZERO RIGHT NOW." Then the Jewish open air preachers preached in front of the World Trade Center until August 3, 2001, exactly 40 days before the destruction of the World Trade Center.
  • On September 10, 2001, the 39th day since the Jewish open-air preachers stopped preaching and left the World Trade Center, the translator of The Orthodox Jewish Bible was extremely angry and upset.  He had been thinking about the terrorists who, years before, shot holes in the display window in the building (1410 Coney Island Ave) where he was now translating The Orthodox Jewish Bible.  Somehow he was absolutely certain that some kind of terror attack was going to happen in the next few hours, but he didn't know the nature of it, just that the coming of the attack was imminent. He became very angry in the Holy Spirit and decided to stay up all night and guard his translation work (into which he had now invested 30 years of labor) and be ready for the attack when it came.  He did not go to bed.  He did not take off his clothes or his winter coat.  He was so furious in the Holy Spirit and so angry and so upset that he did not sleep even for one minute all night long.  He lay on the floor with his head propped against the front door. This was the same windowed front door of the same messianic synagogue where the Holy Spirit had once told him to stand. He lay on the floor with his head propped against this front door, listening, very angry, waiting for the attack.  He was only about five feet from where the display window with the Bible had once been riddled with bullets.  He was certain the attack would come in the next few hours.  Then the terrorists who would hijack the planes and fly them into the World Trade Center boarded their planes. The translator of the OJB was still awake, still very tense.  It was early morning, September 11th, Tuesday.  It was 9-11.

Do you need what the former prime minister of Israel, Binyamin Netanyahu, referred to when he called September 11"a wake-up call from hell"in order to finally get serious about the Bible? In order to finally get serious about evangelizing Muslims? The Dvar Hashem is living and alive, not to be trifled with, either by terrorists shooting bullets or terrorists hijacking airplanes. When will people realize this?

Look at the calendar            


Tishah B'Av fell on Sunday July 29th


and the Jewish "Jonahs" departed Aug 3    





  SUN MON TUE WED THU FRI SAT (notice Friday is the first day)

July29 July30 July31 Aug1 Aug 2 Aug3 (Friday) 1st Sat Aug 4 2nd

Sun Aug 5 3rd Mon 64thTue 7 5th Wed 8 6thThur 9 7th Fri 10 8thSat 11 9th

Sun Aug 12 10th
Mon 13 11thTue 14 12th Wed 15 13thThur 16 14th Fri 17 15thSat 18 16th

Sun Aug 19 17rd
Mon 2018thTue 21 19th Wed 22 20thThur 23 21st Fri 24 22ndSat 25 23rd

Sun Aug 26 24th
Mon 2725thTue 28 26th Wed 29 27thThur 30 28th Fri 31 29thSat Sept 1 30th

Sun Sept 2 31st
Mon 332ndTue 4 33rd Wed 5 34thThur 6 35th Fri 7 36thSat 8 37th

Sun Sept 9 38th
Mon 1039thTue 11 40th

So there were 40 days after these Jonahs

preached and there was no real heeding the Word of G-d.  


Count the 40 days yourself and read Psalm 90:12 where we pray L-rd, "so teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom."


G-d once said to another Jewish open air preacher named Jonah to go and preach in another large city, Ninevah, in modern-day Iraq

His preaching that G-d gave him to preach was that the citizens of this great city were on probation for the next 40 days (Jonah 3:4),

and if by the end of that deadline they did not come to a turning point in their life where sorrow for sin
compelled them to heed G-d's Word,

then G-d's judgment would fall on the 40th day. 


The L-rd knows those who are His, but many people going in and out of the World Trade Center angrily refused to take the Biblical publications the Jewish preacher and the other

ministers were distributing on those fateful days after Tishah B'Av 2001 and just 40 days before the destruction of the World Trade Center.

The translator of The Orthodox Jewish Bible has been doing this type of ministry in the open air for over 30 years, but Americans are becoming more and more hostile to the Bible and to the covenant reprisals and warnings in it. This is a true story of what happened when a small group of Messianic Jewish Pentecostals witnessed near the World Trade Center exactly 40 days before 9-11. Did the warning they gave make any difference? Would it make a difference to our backslidden nation if hundreds of Pentecostal Gentiles came to New York City and did the same thing? Time will tell.


What about you?  Are you hostile to the Bible?  Ask Hashem to circumcise your heart.

Pray like this: Thank you, Hashem, for the kapparah that clears the way for the G-d of Israel to accept me in right standing through faith in Moshiach Adoneinu, not through a supposed righteousness of my own, but through the same righteousness of G-d that Hashem credited to Avraham Avinu by unmerited favor through faith (Genesis 15:6).  Moshiach, you stand at the door of my heart and knock.  Save me from the Second Death separation from Hashem.    I invite you to come in and trust you as my Melitz Yosher in HimelOmein.