Okay, so your name is not Johannes Gensfleisch zur Laden zu Gutenberg. Nobody starts out in life with everything.  However, you can also do what Gutenberg did…you can start your own Gutenberg Bible book manufacturing print shop and print your own copy of  THE ORTHODOX JEWISH BIBLE.


Just print the odd-numbered pages of http://www.afii.org/ojbpgbypg.htm and then use their back sides to print the even-numbered pages, with each even-numbered page printed on the back side (right side up, of course) of it prior odd-numbered page.  Example: 2 on the back of 1, 4 on the back of 3,  6 on the back of  5, 8 on the back of 7, 10 on the back of 9, 12 on the back of

(?) __ (hint: what’s the prior number before 12?) etc.


You say, Phil, this is a huge undertaking.  Well, how are you going to be a “Gutenberg” and produce your own Bible without a little print shop sweat?

Gutenberg had to set each individual letter by hand.  He didn’t have a word processor or the Internet.  He had to take each painstakingly difficult page out of the press and then set it out to dry and then print on the reverse side.  And he had to do this with 1,282 pages!  You say to me, Phil, isn’t the Orthodox Jewish Bible going to wind up being that long?  (Shah!  don’t scare people. 

Yes, you’re right but don’t tell anybody. The exhaustive Tanakh and Brit Chadasha Glossary will

make it even longer!  But it’s the most important text in the world and worth Tyndale’s martyr’s blood and Gutenberg’s labors and all the loving care you might expend.  So here-a-little, there-a-little, no more excuses, print your Bible.)


For how to bind your Bible, go to http://www.afii.org/texts/howto.pdf


Pray for the Orthodox Jewish Bible.  And join us there in your own Gutenberg Print Shop!  Together we can prove again that the pen is mightier than the sword, especially if the pen is a scribe’s pen and the book is

G-d’s Book.


If this is too much for you to print, then do the following:

Send an offering (minimally US $34.00 because that’s what the book manufacturer charges

A F I I) with this notice and receive  an appreciation gift of this 1248-page Holy Bible (3rd Edition OJB)
 Send check/money order payable to
Artists for Israel International
PO Box 2056 New York, NY 10163 
along with your clearly printed shipping address
and this notice..