Moshiach’s Kehillot (Congregations) are addressed in the Book of Revelation.


The bottom line warning to their members concerns the victor’s struggle


to keep oneself in the love of G-d. The sins of the believers range from

loveless intolerance of those that err from the faith to the other extreme,

which is so prevalent today, immorality-condoning “tolerance.”

Great promises are made to the “overcomer who wins the victory”

(see 2:7 and 2:11 and 2:17 and 2:26

and 3:5 and 3:12 and 3:21 and 21:7).


What does this mean to be an “overcomer who wins the victory?”

To “overcome” or “to win the nitzachon

(victory)” means total war, stepping on demonic scorpions,

trampling Satan under one’s feet, conquering

diabolical efforts to ruin one’s testimony,

engaging in whatever spiritual warfare is necessary

to go all the way with Moshiach,

even if Moshiach’s call is to the Martyr’s Tree (see 12:11).


The Anti-Moshiach who would overcome

us (Daniel 7:21; see Rev 11:7 and 13:7) will be himself

overcome by the overcoming (see Rev 5:5) Lamb Moshiach

(Rev 17:14) whose overcoming faithful and true followers

we must prove ourselves to be

at all costs (see Rev 15:2 and 12:11).


The Moshiach-rejecting pagan world can expect

judgment plagues and divine wrath,

even as Egypt experienced at the Exodus,

and from which only Moshiach’s followers

will be sheltered and protectively

sealed (see Rev 9:4).


Meanwhile, even in the midst of

persecution and trouble, believers can expect an open

door to preach the Besuras Hageulah

(the good news of redemption, see Rev.3:8).


But the believers can also expect the tempter to try

to delude them into stupidly exchanging the truth

for a lie, even their priceless eternal crown

for the cheap allurements of worldly

ease and complacency

and compromise (see Rev 3:11).


With the close of this book, we have the faith once-for-all

delivered to the Kadoshim. No one can

add to these 66 books and no one can take away. Every

vision or dream of the Last Days (see Joel 2:28[3:1]

and even the OJB translator’s solemn testimony

[no liar lying about the Holy Spirit

will enter the Kingdom of G-d] )

must be tested against the inerrant words

of the closed canon of Holy Scripture.

For in the Book of Revelation, Yochanan

was “in the Spirit” (see 1:10 and 4:2 and 17:3)

and he was given a foreglimpse of the

world crisis and earth-shaking events leading to the Bias HaMoshiach.


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