First let's get something clear about erroneous notions of Paul and his founding a new religion, which he didn't. True, the halakhah of his Judaism switched from the Pharisaic oral law to the Ruach Hakodesh, but his religion was still one of the Judaisms of the time, not a new non-Judaism Gentile religion.

The Orthodox Jewish Bible was not translated for Orthodox Jews.  If there
were no Orthodox Jews in the world, it would have
been translated exactly as it was translated;
because the words are Orthodox Jewish words, every one
of them.  To say it another way:  this is not a cosmetically contrived "con" job
where a nice non-Jewish
document is given a Yiddishkeit "spin" for the benefit
of the gullible.

Let's stop here and test your Moshiach literacy.Any Orthodox Jew could have achieved the same translational result
if he or she had taken the trouble over thirty years time to learn
Yiddish, Hebrew, Aramaic, Hellenistic Synagogue Greek and other academic disciplines.


The people who print demonic literature trying to prove that a dead rabbi is the Moshiach have millions and millions of dollars. They even trumpet their lies on billboards. Here’s our total AFII donations, starting when the organization began, 1979 20,358 1980 42,232 1981 45,124 1982 23,999 1983 25,982 1984 37,138 1985 66,246 1986 51,986 1987 75,816 1988 53,262 1989 33,727 1990 29,849 1991 25,487 1992 15,286 1993 12,848 1994 16,504 1995 13,109 1996 20,102 1997 32,389 1998 36,467 1999 28,356 2000 21,048 2001 27,102 2002 23,526 2003 39,054 2004 47,837 TOTAL $964,834 My salary as President during all those 25 years was $500 a year or a total compensation for 25 years of labor of $12,500. Does this look like anyone is trying to get rich off of the Word of G-d?

Did you know your Yotzer wants you to have a bria chadasha new birth from

your yetzer?  When Hashem's kedushah is held up to Man, human righteousness

has been likened to that of a worm1 in comparison.  However, we know through

entomology (the study of insects) that a hideous worm-like larva (the

caterpillar) can have a metamorphosis and be transformed into the beautiful

butterfly which gloriously takes flight from its former lowly condition.

Moshe Rabbeinu speaks of such a spiritual transformation as, on the one hand,

the "arlat" (foreskin) of the heart which is blindly obstinate toward Hashem and,

on the the other hand, the circumcised heart which is spiritually alive to its Yotser.

(See Devarim 10:16; 30:6 and Yechezkel's midrash, Ezek 36:26.)

For the problem with the human condition is a heart problem, requiring

remorse for sin and the wickedness of "such a worm as I" and also requiring a

lev chadash (new heart) and a bria chadasha (new creation), even a new birth. 


What the new birth is not:

not a change of religious labels, not a ritual, not a membership in an organization,

not committing a kind deed or giving to charity. 


What the new birth is: being born again,

not from perishable zera (seed; Moshiach is alive: see 1Y 3:9) but imperishable,

by the Devar Hashem which liveth and abideth forever.


1Job 25:4-6; Isaiah 41:14