First let's get something clear about erroneous notions of Paul and his founding a new religion, which he didn't. True, the halakhah of his Judaism switched from the Pharisaic oral law to the Ruach Hakodesh, but his religion was still one of the Judaisms of the time, not a new non-Judaism Gentile religion.

Sometimes it takes a power encounter to sort out who is speaking for Hashem and who is the taivel's spokesperson.

Have you made up your mind to stiffen your jaw even in rigor mortis and defiantly, yes, even in your grave clothes, reject "Yushka?" His name is Yushka? (YIMACH SH'MO V'ZIKHRO "May his name and memory be blotted out"). You really think that about Moshiach?

The reprobate mind, only faintly cognizant of its state, glares up out of the sepulchral Soul, and curses "Yushka." Thus it plans to dig in its heels, all the way to the cemetery, hoping against hope that his Etz (Tree) was no Temurah (Substitution) for you but only a shameful and despicable end for him. But you of carnal mind who are dead even while you live, yes you, when you lie in the unclean grave clothes of a wickedly cold heart, a heart of hardness and unbelief, yes lying already in a crypt of ignorant darkness, yes you, when you lie in the narrow house of the grave worm's Night, no one's footsteps overhead on the eerie stillness of the cemetery grounds will be heard but the Son of Man, the Shofet Kol HaAretz, whose tomb has been certified as empty, whom no sepulcher could inter. See Mk 16:6 and Yn 20:4-9 and Ac 2:22-33 and 1Co 15:3-9 and Mt 28:5-8 and Hos 6:2 and Yon 1:17 and Mt 12:40 and see this and Ps 16:10 and Yn 5:27-29 and compare Daniel 7:13-14. Yosef chai! Though unrecognized by his brothers, Yosef chai! Though reviled as "Yushka" by you, Yosef chai! Will this be said of you? That while you lived you tried to keep your life in this evil world? That you loved the praise of men more than the praise of the living Moshiach with the empty tomb? That, dreading disinheritance, that someone would say Kaddish over you ("YOU ARE DEAD TO US") because of the name "Yushka," you turned away from your Goel Redeemer? Will you throw away your chelek in the Olam Haba for the sake of worms, tombs, and epitaphs, for the sake of clinging to shrouds and death garments? For the sake of what? For the sake of a grim and ghastly family vault where illustrious family pride of birth lures one to reject the new birth and the Ruach Hakodesh and the Moshiach Ben Dovid of Hashem in exchange for buba maises and grave clothes. We are talking about salvation and Moshiach Ben Dovid. We're talking about an empty tomb and a Scripturally defined Moshiach not in any tomb, having his histalkus prior to the Churban * (Daniel 9:26) and therefore already awake and ready to judge all men ** (Daniel 7:13-14).

Here is the long and short of it: You are going to a tomb but Moshiach isn't. The only tomb Moshiach went to was the one in Isaiah 53:9 which your redemption necessitated. Do you not understand that your unbelief of Scripture may at just this point prove to be your doom? There is only one empty tomb in the universe. When you awake (Daniel 12:2) in your own tomb it will indeed matter THEN to you that Moshiach's tomb is empty and you will WANT DESPERATELY a living savior no tomb could hold to save you, but unfortunately for you, if you dither, it will then be too late. For it is appointed unto men once to die and then the Judgment. So while you have the opportunity, focus now on Moshiach's empty tomb and its supreme significance for you. For according to Daniel 12:2 in the Tanakh you will in your tomb awake, yes, in the twinkling of an eye, and then there will be a ton of earth and six feet of cemetery dirt between you and the feet of the Moshiach, the Moshiach already awake.

Already awake? Does it not say Moshiach's histalkus would take place before the Churban (i.e. before 70 C.E.)? Look at Daniel 9:26. Also look at Psalm 16. Psalm 16:10 declares that Hashem will not abandon His Holy One to the grave. Who is the Holy One if not Moshiach Tzidkeinu*** (Jeremiah 23:5-6)?

Psalm 16**** and Isaiah 53:8-12 speak of his grave and that Hashem would not allow Moshiach to undergo decay in his tomb, but that after Hashem makes Moshiach's nefesh an asham offering for sin, then Hashem would, following Moshiach's death, PROLONG MOSHIACH'S DAYS (Isaiah 53:10,12), a PROMISE in the Tanakh REQUIRING AN EMPTY TOMB. And just as we have worn the likeness of earthly Man, let us also wear the likeness of the heavenly Man, the Son of Man, the Shofet Kol HaAretz. Let us receive Moshiach today and put on Moshiach Ben Dovid. See Isaiah 53:11.

No disrespect intended, but the fact is that Mohammed, Buddha, your false Moshiach Rebbe, or anyone you might name is not awake and their tomb is quite occupied and not empty. Begging your pardon, but you are a fool to follow your rotting corpse religious hero. No disrespect intended, but, please, do you not understand that your rotting corpse religious authority, your hero, lacks these very credentials specified in Scripture? When you yourself are rotting in your tomb how can your rotting hero help you? I must be blunt because your soul is at stake. Only a savior with an empty tomb can save you then.

Begging your pardon but, please, what is wrong with your rationality? Are you in a cult? Have you received a spirit? Are your eyes glazed over? Stop being brain-washed and think. (If you are being brain-washed, don't be so acquiescent; your brain-washers won't be around to help you when you awake to the voice of Moshiach Ben Dovid. So sit down and think and use the brain G-d gave you. Your hatred of Moshiach is irrational. Why don't you hate your sin and repent? Moshiach is not your enemy, I don't care what any ignoramus did in his Name. Your enemy is the person looking at you in the mirror who will have himself or herself to blame for all eternity for his or her cavalier dismissal of the testimony of the Hebrew Bible. How dare you go to extra- Biblical sources to augur out who is the Moshiach! What witchcraft!)

How is it that you have itching ears to hear bubba maises about every Jew ipso facto having a spark of Moshe Rabbeinu and meriting the Olam Haba and tzaddikim without any yeitzer hara whatsoever and other Valentinian gnostic rubbish which was flushed down the toilet in the Second Century C.E. and how is it that you, like some ignorant passer-out-of-rubbish-propaganda-in-front-of-a-Kingdom-Hall Arian Brooklyn woman (too IGNORANT to know that she IS an Arian) that you (too ignorant to know you ARE a Valentinian gnostic) pass out this rubbish and, going to your anti-Moshiach crypt, will not so much as glance at Holy Writ. If you do deign to glance at it you will see that pious Jews say "Be it known unto thee, O king, that we will not be the ones serving as deity (pey-lammed-chet) thy g-ds;" (Daniel 3:18), yet these same pious Jews, when it comes to Moshiach Der Zun fun Der Oybershter --these g-dly Jews (unlike you)--WILL "pey-lammed-chet (serve, reverence as deity) the Bar Enosh Moshiach (Daniel 7:13-14)."

You who lay claim to all this knowledge, can we simpletons ask you a few questions. Or perhaps you would like to ask us a few questions about Moshiach's Shul and where does it say in the Tanakh or Hebrew Bible of Rabbinic Judaism that Yehoshua or Yeshua is the Name of the Coming Moshiach Ben Dovid? See this page and Yeshayah 11:1 and Yeshayah 11:10 and Jer 23:5-6 and Jer 33:15 and Zech 3:8 and Zech 6:12 and Ezra 3:2 and Ezra 3:8 and Ezra 5:2 and Isaiah 49:8 and also the next page and also this page and Neh 12:7 and Isa 53:2 and this page and this page and this page and this page and this page and this page and Mt 2:23 and Iyov (Job) 19:25-26 and Yeshayah 26:19 and also this page and this page and this page and this page and this page.

There is a Name given whereby we must be delivered. You are going to occupy a tomb that will not be empty. Moshiach's tomb IS empty. Do not curse his Name. Call upon his Name NOW so that, like Lazarus (El'azar), he will call you by Name from your tomb THEN. For whoever calls upon the Name of Moshiach Adoneinu will be saved. Take your stubborn hand off of the stone of unbelief and let Hashem roll back the stone of unbelief from your heart. Faith comes from exposure to the Word of G-d. Start reading the Orthodox Jewish Bible today or go to our homepage or our Yiddish page. Remember that the Brit Chadasha documents (confirmed as authentic 1st Century writings by papyri discoveries) were written by martyrs and imprisoned pious Jews. How, therefore, do you explain away as a fraud the brave testimony, even with their last dying martyr's breath, of so many who claimed to have seen Moshiach alive? And why were they suddenly so brave when a short time previous to their bold testimony, they had been fleeing for their lives with terror, unless of course they HAD seen something to confirm their faith in the Techiyas HaMeisim in general and the Techiyas HaMoshiach in particular. Do pious Jews lie? Do they go to their deaths to perpetrate a fraud? How was the two ton stone blocking the entrance of the tomb of Moshiach moved? We have positive evidence of the empty tomb and the resurrection appearance from two hostile sources, both previously unbelievers and one a persecutor of the Messianic Jews, namely Sha'ul of Tarsus and Ya'akov ben Yosef (see Ga 1:18-19). Even Rabban Gamli'el a Tanna was not dubious and hostile toward their testimony (see Acts 5:34). And how do you explain the grave clothes collapsed like a deflated mummy? There is a spiritual body. When you awake in yours it will either be to the Techiyas HaMesim of Chayyim or the Techiyas HaMesim of Mishpat (Daniel 12:2).

This rigorous argumentation is with the prayer that you will not be similarly materialized with a spiritual resurrection body but only to be raised to judgment and Dera'on Olam. Of course you can try, like a man who wants to smoke 10 packs of cigarettes a day with the hope that nothing bad will come of it, you also can try to dismiss all this evidence and hope for the best. But even if you do attempt to explain away everything, the fact remains that miracles followed the testimony of the early believers wherever they went. Miracles occurred to confirm the veracity of the testimony of the early believers, as it says in Mk 16:17-18. Look at my own life: My mother, if she were still alive, could testify to you of the complete change ("a dead man came alive"), the total personality born again metamorphosis, that took place when I met the living Moshiach of Israel in California in 1971. The other anomaly that you have to try to explain away is that everywhere I have gone testifying to what happened to me miracles have followed. So now you have to try to explain away not only my testimony but also the miracles, all of which can be confirmed to one degree or another by other living eye-witnesses. Rav Sha'ul the persecutor-turned-Shliach informs us that there were over 500 eye-witnesses of Moshiach's resurrection, MOST OF WHOM WERE STILL ALIVE at the time of Rav Sha'ul's writing (1Co 15:6). Do you honestly believe that the grandson of a drunken shanty Irishman, a naive country bumpkin from a tiny village in Indiana, could go to the big city and suddenly find Jewish people (never hardly having even MET one in Oakland City, Indiana) and then, lo and behold, help them start all these messianic synagogues all over the world and then write all these books and then do all this Bible translation work WITHOUT MORE MIRACLES THAN COULD EVER BE TOLD? (To say nothing of the grace of G-d!) You honestly believe that? That takes more faith than to believe that what is written here is true. Do you honestly think there was nothing miraculous about me walking into Dr Donald Anderson McGavran's office in 1974, when, during the period he was on the phone with Billy Graham to be the keynote speaker of the world-wide historic Lausanne Conference, he personally read and corrected the manuscript of EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO GROW A MESSIANIC SYNAGOGUE, before it impacted the entire Messianic Jewish world? Do you honestly believe there were no miracles involved? That this was just a fluke of luck? Or how's this one for fiancing and producing a film seen by hundreds of thousands of people: get checked into a free motel room on Labor Day weekend with 23cents in your pocket, pray, ask for the money to make the film, then get $23,000 free (100,000 times the amount) from the same place (Boynton Beach) and then wind up in the publisher's office of MEL GIBSON'S PASSION (which was published by the same publisher some time later) and get the film published as a book even before it was made into a film. You think that too was just a fluke of luke? I'm talking about the office of Ken Taylor, the translator of the world-famous THE LIVING BIBLE. You think all this happened without miracles? How naive can you be! More naive than the naive country bumpkin I've been talking about!

So if there is a "Sha'ul" reading this and kicking against the goads of Hashem, he might as well come to the end of his proud stubborn ox ways and let go and let G-d. Also see an Orthodox Jewish Mahzor that speaks of many of these things. You say you trust the Rabbis. Why not these Rabbis?

See the Scriptures on Hell or Gehinnom: Daniel 12:2 and Isaiah 66:24 and Mt 5:22 and Mt 5:29-30 and Mt 7:13 and Mt 7:23 and Mt 8:12 and Mt 8:29 and Mt 10:28 and Mt 13:42 and Mt 13:49-50 and Mt 18:6-9 and Mt 22:13 and Mt 23:33 and Mt 24:51 and Mt 25:30 and Mt 25:41 and Mt 25:46 and Mt 26:24 and Mk 1:24 and Mk 5:7 and Mk 9:43 and Mk 9:45 and Mk 9:47-48 and Lk 3:17 and Lk 4:34 and Lk 12:5 and Lk 13:3 and Lk 13:5 and Lk 16:23-25 and Lk 16:28 and Yn 3:16-18 and Yn 3:36 and Yn 5:28-29 and Yn 8:21, 24 and Ac 10:42 and Ac 17:31 and Ro 2:5 and Ro 2:8-9 and Ro 2:12 and Ro 6:23 and Ro 9:3,22 and 1Co 11:32 and 2Co 2:15-16 and 2Co 4:3 and Gal 1:8-9 and Gal 6:8 and Eph 5:6 and Phil 1:28 and Phil 3:19 and Col 3:6 and 1Th 1:10 and 1Th 5:3,9 and 2Th 1:8-9 and 2Th 2:10 and MJ 6:2 and MJ 9:27 and MJ 10:27,39 and Ya 4:12 and 2K 2:1,3,4,9,12,17 and 2K 3:7 and Yd 4,6,7,13 and Rv 2:11 and Rv 6:16-17 and Rv 11:18 and Rv 14:10-11 and Rv 14:19 and Rv 16:19 and Rv 17:8,11 and Rv 18:8,9,18 and Rv 19:3 and Rv 19:15 and Rv 19:20 and Rv 20:10, 14-15; and Rv 21:8 and Rv 22:15.

Pray this prayer.

* Rabbi Moses Abraham Levi in an Ancient Rabbinical Commentary said, "I have examined and searched all the Holy Scriptures, and have not found the time for the coming of Moshiach, clearly fixed, except in the words of Gabriel to the prophet Daniel, which are written in the ninth chapter of the prophecy of Daniel."
**Talmud Sanhedrin 98 on Daniel 7:13-14 speaks about Moshiach's coming "with the clouds of heaven."
*** The Midrash on Lamentations 1:16 says, "What is the name of King Moshiach? Rabbi Abba, son of Kahana, said, Adonoi (Hashem); for it is written, 'This is the Name whereby he shall be called, the L-rd our Righteousness.' "
****Talmud Sukkah 52 says Moshiach will ask and receive life, quoting Ps 21:5, showing that the grave and its decay will not be the fate of Moshiach even "IF HE IS SLAIN"


The Bible is the solid rock that will never pass away. Whatever is in the Bible is just what G-d wanted to be said and not the mere whim of human will. See 2K 1:21.  In the Scriptures are spiritual words taught by the Ruach Hakodesh to those believers who have the Ruach Hakodesh. See 1C 2:12-16.  See 2Ti 3:16 and Mt 5:18. 

We have no other written authority.  The words of the Hellenistic Jewish Synagogue of the First Century that comprise the last 27 books and the Hebrew and Aramaic words that make up the first 39 books are without error in the original autographs and have been preserved in the extant copies so that we have the infallible and inerrant authority that is able to make us wise unto salvation.  See 2Ti 3:15. 

Blessed is the man who over G-d's Word does not stumble.  Just as it was possible for a proud disciple of the Jerusalem rabbis to look at the Galilean Carpenter and not "read" him but instead despise his lowly peasant appearance ("There was no special beauty or form to make us notice him or desire him" Isaiah 53:2), so there are proud readers who see apparent but not actual discrepancies in the Scripture.  For example, when you are reading Matthew 27:9 you might think that the text has a mistake until you realize that this is a composite citation (Jer 18:2-6; 19:1-2,4,6,11; 32:6-15; Zech 11:13) from Zecharyah and Yirmeyah.  And just as some turned away from the incognito King, Rebbe Melech HaMoshiach, so one's wicked heart might lead one to turn away from Matthew 27:9, but in both cases the error is not in what is read but in the reader.

So we primordially and perennially, with disastrous consequences for ourselves, forsake the words of G-d and receive the contradictory words of HaSatan.

By the time we get to 2 Corinthians chp 11 we see that Satan wants to corrupt and ruin by means of Bible-opposing "knowledge," the so-called "deeper things of Satan." Instead of staying with the Word that was preached, the temptation of the Corinthians was to "go beyond what was written" and to be seduced by extra-Biblical knowledge (see Gen 3:5). Notice that Eve's "Bible" only has seven words in it. The seven words in her "Bible" warn that death will be the result of her moral autonomy, of her getting her "knowledge" of good and evil, in other words, from a certain lethal tree rather than from the "Bible" her husband has been given wherein the meager content of seven words ("oo-meh-ETZ ha-DAH-aht tov va-rah loh toh-KHOHL mee-mehn-NOO" ...of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil you shall not eat from it) will nevertheless tell her how to live and not die. But in the hands of the evil Serpent this "Bible" can be twisted and used to deceive her so that she hands herself over to a rival authority, a Bible-opposing authority, with fatal results. Anything that rivals and opposes G-d is an idol, and in the Book of Revelation we see that the believers will give up their lives as martyrs rather than compromise with the idolatrous religion and way of life of the pagan society of the last days. It is fair to say that one cannot be a believer unless one repents from all idolatry. Whoever tries to keep his idolatrous life will lose it.