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(This message builds on the Genesis 3:15 Torah teaching, confirmed in Rabbinic exegesis, see

זרע זה מלך המשיח מדרש רבה כג ה

that Moshiach, through his sufferings, will win our victory over Satan.)

BEFORE YOU GO ANY FURTHER, BE LIKE NA'AMAN AND HEAD FOR THE MIKVEH AND GET REAL LEV TAHOR LEVERAGE AGAINST HASATAN IN THE NAME OF HASHEM (ATIK YOMIN) AND THE ZOON FOON DER OYBERSHTER (BAR ENOSH) AND THE RUACH HAKODESH ADONOI ECHAD AND BECOME A MESHICHIST YID. And you don't have to buy the paperback; you can download the searchable e-book version including this and read it on your computer screen free-of-charge (you can also download free-of-charge another book that you can use as a commentary to get you into the Biblical languages and also intensely into each book of the Bible). But if you decide you DO want the paperback which also includes this translation as well as the other 39 books of the Bible, THEN IF YOU DON'T WANT TO USE YOUR CREDIT CARD JUST SEND A CHECK OR MONEY ORDER PAYABLE TO AFII TO GET YOUR PAPERBACK COPY OF THE OJB











1:1 ApokaluyiV Ihsou Cristou, hn edwken autw o QeoV deixai toiV douloiV autou, a dei genesqai en tacei, kai eshmanen aposteilaV dia tou aggelou autou tw doulw autou Iwannh,

The Hisgalus of Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach Yehoshua/Yeshua which Hashem gave to him to show to his mesharetim MAH DI LEHEVE ("what will happen," Daniel 2:28), the things which are destined to take place, and speedily; Moshiach made it know by sending his malach to his mesharet Yochanan. NOTE THAT THE REVELATION GOES FROM HASHEM TO MOSHIACH TO THE MALACH TO YOCHANAN TO THE BA'AL K'RIAH WHO READS THIS SEFER KODESH TO US IN THE KEHILLAH WHO GET THE BRUCHA. (WATCH FOR FURTHER COMMENTARY ON THE TEXTUS RECEPTUS OF THE BOOK OF REVELATION.)

1:2 oV emarturhse ton logon tou Qeou kai thn marturian Ihsou Cristou, osa te eide.

2 Yochanan gave solemn eidus (testimony) to the Dvar Hashem and to the eidus of Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach, even to all that Yochanan saw. ANGELS (SEE RV1:20) SOMETIMES PLAY A ROLE WHEN THERE IS PERSECUTION, AND IT MUST BE REMEMBERED THAT YOCHANAN IS ON THE ISLAND OF PATMOS BEING PERSECUTED.

1:3 MakarioV o anaginwskwn, kai oi akouonteV touV logouV thV profhteiaV kai throunteV ta en auth gegrammena o gar kairoV egguV.

3 Ashrey (Blessed, Happy) is the one reading and the ones hearing the divrei hanevu'ah (words of [this] prophecy) and remaining shomer regarding what is written in it, for karov (near) is HaYom [the time of crisis and the events related to the Bias HaMoshiach]. SEE NOTE ON VERSE ONE

1:4 IwannhV taiV epta ekklhsiaiV taiV en th Asia cariV umin kai eirhnh apo tou o wn kai o hn kai o ercomenoV kai apo twn epta pneumatwn a estin enwpion tou qronou autou

4 Yochanan to the sheva (seven) hakehillot (congregations) in Asia: Chen v'Chesed Hashem to you and Shalom from the One who is [SHEMOT 3:14], who was, and who is to come [YESHAYAH 41:4], and from the shevat haruchot which are before Hashem's Kes (Throne) [merkavah chariot throne in Shomayim, YECHEZKEL 1:4-28]. SHEVAT HARUCHOT MAY REFER TO THE RUACH HAKODESH. SEE RV 5:6; SEE YESHAYAH 11:2 ZECHARYAH 3:9; 4:10, THE SEVEN-FOLD SPIRIT OF G-D.

1:5 kai apo Ihsou Cristou, o martuV o pistoV, o prwtotokoV ek twn nekrwn, kai o arcwn twn basilewn thV ghV. Tw agaphsanti hmaV, kai lousanti hmaV apo twn amartiwn hmwn en tw aimati autou

5 And from Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach, the ed hane'eman (faithful witness), the BECHOR (Firstborn, TEHILLIM 89:28 [27]) of the Mesim and the Nagid, ELYON L'MALKHEI A'RETZ ("Leader, Most exalted of Kings of the earth, TEHILLIM 89:27). To the One who has ahavah for us and has freed us [from the Golus of, YESHAYAH 59:2; 53:3] peyshaeinu [our transgressions, YESHAYAH 53:5] by [Geulah redemption through the kofer pedut ransom korban of his nefesh (YESHAYAH 53:10) in the kapporah atonement of] the dahm of him, [TEHILLIM 130:8; YESHAYAH 40:2; TEHILLIM 89:38; YIRMEYAH 42:5; YESHAYAH 55:4; BERESHIS 22:8; SHEMOT 12:13; YESHAYAH 53:7; VAYIKRA 17:11]

1:6 kai epoihsen hmaV basileiV kai iereiV tw Qew kai patri autou autw h doxa kai to kratoV eiV touV aiwnaV twn aiwnwn. Amhn.

6 And made us a Malchut (Kingdom), a Mamlekhet kohanim (a Kingdom of priests, SHEMOT 19:6), kohanim doing avodas kodesh sherut to his Elohim HaAv, lo hakavod v'hagevurah l'olmey olamim. Omein (to him be glory and powerful dominion forever and ever. Omein). [SHEMOT 19:6; 23:22; YESHAYAH 61:6, WHICH SHOWS THAT THE KEHILLAH OF MOSHIACH LIVES PROPHETICALLY FULFILLING A KEHUNAH ROLE OF DESTINY, THUS PROVOKING ISRAEL TO JEALOUSY THAT SHE MIGHT COME INTO HER TRUE INHERITANCE. ]


1:7 Idou, ercetai meta twn nefelwn, kai oyetai auton paV ofqalmoV, kai oitineV auton exekenthsan kai koyontai ep auton pasai ai fulai thV ghV. Nai, amhn.

7 Hinei, Hu habah (He comes) with HA'ANANIM (glory clouds) and kol ayin (every eye) will see him, even the ones who PIERCED HIM, and all the mishpachot (families) of ha'aretz will MOURN for Him. Ken, even so. Omein. [DANIEL 7:13; ZECHARYAH 12:10f; BERESHIS 12:3;28:14]

1:8 Egw eimi to A kai to W, arch kai teloV, legei o KurioV, o wn kai o hn kai o ercomenoV, o pantokratwr.

8 Ani Hu the Aleph and the Tav, says Hashem Adonoi, the One who is and the One who was and the One coming, Adonoi Tzivos (L-rd of armies). [SHEMOT 3:14; YESHAYAH 41:4; AMOS 3:13; 4:13 TARGUM HA-SHIVIM]

1:9 Egw IwannhV, o kai adelfoV umwn kai sugkoinwnoV en th qliyei kai en th basileia kai upomonh Ihsou Cristou, egenomhn en th nhsw th kaloumenh Patmw, dia ton logon tou Qeou kai dia thn marturian Ihsou Cristou.

9 I, Yochanan, your Ach b'Moshiach and your fellow partaker taking the chelek (inheritance) in the tzarah (trouble, Mt 24:15f), the Chevlai Moshiach (birthpangs of Moshiach), and the Malchut (Kingdom) and the savlanut (patient endurance) in Moshiach-- I was on the island called Patmos because of the Dvar Hashem and the eidus (witness) of [Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach] Yehoshua. [SHEMOT 20:18; DANIEL 8:1]

1:10 Egenomhn en Pneumati en th Kuriakh hmera kai hkousa opisw mou fwnhn megalhn wV salpiggoV,

10 I was in the Ruach Hakodesh on Yom HaAdon, and I heard behind me a kol gadol (a loud voice), like the blast of a shofar, [YECHEZKEL 3:12; SHEMOT 19:16]

1:11 legoushV, Egw eimi to A kai to W, o prwtoV kai o escatoV kai, O blepeiV grayon eiV biblion, kai pemyon taiV epta ekklhsiaiV taiV en Asia, eiV Efeson, kai eiV Smurnan, kai eiV Pergamon, kai eiV quateira, kai eiV SardeiV, kai eiV filadelfeian, kai eiV laodikeian.

11 Saying, Ani Hu the Aleph and the Tav, HaRishon (The first) and HaAcharon (The last): and, What you see [in the chazon], write in a sefer and send it to the sheva (seven) HaKehillot, to Ephesus and to Smyrna and to Pergamum and to Thyatira and to Sardis and to Philadelphia and to Laodicea. [YESHAYAH 30:8]

1:12 Kai epestreya blepein thn fwnhn htiV elalhse met emou. Kai epistreyaV eidon epta lucniaV crusaV,

12 Then I turned to see the kol which was speaking with me, and, having turned, I saw sheva menorot zahav (seven golden menorahs). [ZECHARYAH 4:2; SHEMOT 25:31-40] EACH GOLDEN MENORAH SYMBOLIZES ONE OF THE KEHILLOT. WHEN WE THINK OF GOLD WE THINK OF MONEY.

Money is very important to people, it seems.  But in the blink of an eye, billions were lost on the Stock Market the other day.  God tells us that His wisdom is supposed to be more valuable to us than ephemeral wealth (Ps 119:72), and as such His Word is to be more eagerly sought after (Prov 2:4)


Apparently the Jewish rich young ruler was very foolish, turning his gold into goyishe idolatry (Ps 135:15), but in the process forfeiting heaven, the Main Street of which is itself pure gold (see Rev 21:21).  So he foolishly chose a limited quantity of gold he could claim as his own only for a short lifetime, when in fact he could have had a whole  MAIN STREET of gold for all eternity, had he not been so foolish (Rev 21:21).


There was no gold, I remember, on the Main Street of my home town:  there was a tavern, there was a liquor store, there were a couple of pool room gambling dens and I remember a Masonic temple, all manifesting clearly on this non-heavenly Main Street a curse, which also is a sign not of Heaven but of Hell, and I am talking about a real Hell which you can read about in the Bible in Daniel 12:2 and Isaiah 66:24 and Mt 5:22 and Mt 5:29-30 and Mt 7:13 and Mt 7:23 and Mt 8:12 and Mt 8:29 and Mt 10:28 and Mt 13:42 and Mt 13:49-50 and Mt 18:6-9 and Mt 22:13 and Mt 23:33 and Mt 24:51 and Mt 25:30 and Mt 25:41 and Mt 25:46 and Mt 26:24 and Mk 1:24 and Mk 5:7 and Mk 9:43 and Mk 9:45 and Mk 9:47-48 and Lk 3:17 and Lk 4:34 and Lk 12:5 and Lk 13:3 and Lk 13:5 and Lk 16:23-25 and Lk 16:28 and Yn 3:16-18 and Yn 3:36 and Yn 5:28-29 and Yn 8:21, 24 and Ac 10:42 and Ac 17:31 and Ro 2:5 and Ro 2:8-9 and Ro 2:12 and Ro 6:23 and Ro 9:3,22 and 1Co 11:32 and 2Co 2:15-16 and 2Co 4:3 and Gal 1:8-9 and Gal 6:8 and Eph 5:6 and Phil 1:28 and Phil 3:19 and Col 3:6 and 1Th 1:10 and 1Th 5:3,9 and 2Th 1:8-9 and 2Th 2:10 and MJ 6:2 and MJ 9:27 and MJ 10:27,39 and Ya 4:12 and 2K 2:1,3,4,9,12,17 and 2K 3:7 and Yd 4,6,7,13 and Rv 2:11 and Rv 6:16-17 and Rv 11:18 and Rv 14:10-11 and Rv 14:19 and Rv 16:19 and Rv 17:8,11 and Rv 18:8,9,18 and Rv 19:3 and Rv 19:15 and Rv 19:20 and Rv 20:10, 14-15; and Rv 21:8 and Rv 22:15.

The rich young ruler should have made God his riches (Job 22:25).  He should have obtained his gold from Yeshua (Rev3:18), meaning true gold, speaking of the riches of His divine righteousness credited to our faith.  It’s possible to be materially well off but morally and spiritually poor.  When we come to Yeshua with a sense of our own sin and foolhardy self- sufficiency, we can exchange our poverty and emptiness for His hidden treasure. But remember His gold is always “refined in the fire,” meaning the moral purification we get in Him comes through discipline and testing.  We grow in purity only in the heat of temptations and trials, for gold has to be heated and refined until the impurities are burned out.  See Jer 9:7; Zech 13:9; Mal 3:3; 1 Cor 3:13 and 1Pet 1:7.  When tempted to “turn back” at any point, we must commit our past sins, our present need, and our entire future to Yeshua, knowing that impurities of character must be ferreted out and require unpleasant chastening, distasteful at the time, but yielding sweet fruit in season (see Hebrew 12:5-13).

1:13 kai en mesw twn epta lucniwn omoion uiw anqrwpou, endedumenon podhrh, kai periezwsmenon proV toiV mastoiV zwnhn crushn.

13 And in the midst of the menorot stood One like the Ben HaAdam [DANIEL 7:13-14; YECHEZKEL 1:26], having been clothed in a Beketch (long coat) reaching to the feet and having been wrapped around at the chest with a golden gartel. [DANIEL 7:13; YECHEZKEL 1:26; 9:2,11 TARGUM HA-SHIVIM; DANIEL 10:5,16; YESHAYAH 6:1]

1:14 H de kefalh autou kai ai triceV leukai wsei erion leukon, wV ciwn kai oi ofqalmoi autou wV flox puroV

14 And the rosh of him and the hair were lavan (white), like wool, like snow, and the eynayim (eyes) of him were like a flame of eish (fire), [DANIEL 7:9]

1:15 kai oi podeV autou omoioi calkolibanw, wV en kaminw pepurwmenoi kai h fwnh autou wV fwnh udatwn pollwn.

15 And the feet of him were like burnished bronze as if in a furnace having been made to glow, and the kol (voice) of him as the sound of mayim rabbim (many waters). [DANIEL 10:6; YECHEZKEL 1:7,24; 43:2; YESHAYAH 1:20; 49:2; SHOFETIM 5:31]

1:16 Kai ecwn en th dexia autou ceiri asteraV epta kai ek tou stomatoV autou romfaia distomoV oxeia ekporeuomenh kai h oyiV autou, wV o hlioV fainei en th dunamei autou.

16 And he had in the yad yamin (right hand) of him shevat hakokhavim (seven stars) and out of the mouth of him a sharp two-edged cherev (sword) going forth and the face of him was like the shemesh (sun) shining in its power. [YESHAYAH 1:20; 49:2; SHOFETIM 5:31]

1:17 Kai ote eidon auton, epesa proV touV podaV autou wV nekroV kai epeqhke thn dexian autou ceira ep eme, legwn moi, Mh fobou egw eimi o prwtoV kai o escatoV,

17 And when I saw him [Moshiach], I fell at the feet of him as though dead, and he placed the yad yamin [right hand] of him upon me saying, Do not fear; I am HaRishon (The First) and HaAcharon (The Last) [YESHAYAH 41:4; 44:6; 48:12; YECHEZKEL 1:28; DANIEL 8:17,18;] YOCHANAN FELL AS THOUGH DEAD BECAUSE NONE BUT THE PURE IN HEART CAN SEE G-D AND LIVE; THIS IS ONE REASON WE GUARD OUR HEARTS ABOVE ALL ELSE.

1:18 kai o zwn, kai egenomhn nekroV, kai idou, zwn eimi eiV touV aiwnaV twn aiwnwn, amhn kai ecw taV kleiV tou adou kai tou qanatou.

18 And HaChai (The Living One), and I became Niftar, I had my histalkus (passing), and, hinei, Chai Ani l'Olam va'ed (I am alive forevermore) and I have the maftekhot haMavet (keys of Death) and the maftekhot haShe'ol (keys of the abode of the Dead). [YESHAYAH 41:4; 44:2,6; 48:12; YECHEZKEL 1:28; DANIEL 4:34; 12:7; 8:17-18; DEVARIM 32:40; IYOV 38:17] WE CAN HAVE A MARTYR'S COURAGE BECAUSE WE KNOW THAT DEATH CANNOT LOCK US UP FOREVER FOR WE KNOW THE ONE WHO OWNS THE KEY.

1:19 Grayon a eideV, kai a eisi, kai a mellei ginesqai meta tauta

19 Therefore, write down the Chazon (Revelation, Prophecy, Vision, Hisgalus, CHABAKUK 2:2), that is, the things you saw and the things which are and the things which are about to happen after these things. [YESHAYAH 48:6 TARGUM HA-SHIVIM; DANIEL 2:28,29,45]

1:20 to musthrion twn epta asterwn wn eideV epi thV dexiaV mou, kai taV epta lucniaV taV crusaV. Oi epta astereV aggeloi twn epta ekklhsiwn eisi kai ai epta lucniai aV eideV epta ekklhsiai eisi.

20 The raz (mystery, sod) of the shevat hakokhavim (seven stars) which you saw in the yad yamin (right hand) of me and the sheva golden menorot: the shevat hakokhavim are the malachim (angels) of the Kehillot (Congregations) and the sheva menorot are the sheva Kehillot. A KEHILLAH IS NOT A MERE COMMUNITY CENTER WHERE FUND-RAISING AND SENIOR CITIZEN ACTIVITIES AND YOUTH RECREATIONAL EVENTS MAKE IT NO DIFFERENT THAN OTHER INSTITUTIONS. A TRUE KEHILLAH PARTICIPANTS IN A HEAVENLY REALITY OF ANGELS (1C 11:10).




2:1 Tw aggelw thV EfesinhV ekklhsiaV grayon,

Tade legei o kratwn touV epta asteraV en th dexia autou, o peripatwn en mesw twn epta lucniwn twn cruswn

2:2 Oida ta erga sou, kai ton kopon sou, kai thn upomonh sou, kai oti ou dunh bastasai kakouV, kai epeirasw touV faskontaV einai apostolouV kai ouk eisi, kai eureV autouV yeudeiV,

2:3 kai ebastasaV kai upomonhn eceiV, kai dia to onoma mou kekopiakaV kai ou kekmhkaV.

2:4 All ecw kata sou, oti thn agaphn sou thn prwthn afhkaV.

2:5 Mnhmoneue oun poqen ekpeptwkaV, kai metanohson, kai ta prwta erga poihson ei de mh, ercomai soi tacu, kai kinhsw thn lucnian sou ek tou topou authV, ean mh metanohshV.

2:6 Alla touto eceiV, oti miseiV ta erga twn Nikolaitwn, a kagw misw.

2:7 O ecwn ouV akousatw ti to Pneuma legei taiV ekklhsiaiV. Tw nikwnti dwsw autw fagein ek tou xulou thV zwhV, o estin en mesw tou paradeisou tou Qeou.

2:8 Kai tw aggelw thV ekklhsiaV Smurnaiwn grayon, Tade legei o prwtoV kai o escatoV, oV egeneto nekroV kai ezhsen

2:9 Oida sou ta erga kai thn qliyin kai thn ptwceian (plousioV de ei), kai thn blasfhmian twn legontwn IoudaiouV einai eautouV, kai ouk eisin, alla sunagwgh tou Satana.

2:10 Mhden fobou a melleiV pascein idou, mellei ballein ex umwn o diaboloV eiV fulakhn, ina peirasqhte kai exete qliyin hmerwn deka. Ginou pistoV acri qanatou, kai dwsw soi ton stefanon thV zwhV.

2:11 O ecwn ouV akousatw ti to Pneuma legei taiV ekklhsiaiV. O nikwn ou mh adikhqh ek tou qanatou tou deuterou.

2:12 Kai tw aggelw thV en Pergamw ekklhsiaV grayon, Tade legei o ecwn thn romfaian thn distomon thn oxeian

2:13 Oida ta erga sou kai pou katoikeiV, opou o qronoV tou Satana kai krateiV to onoma mou, kai ouk hrnhsw thn pistin mou kai en taiV hmeraiV en aiV AntipaV o martuV mou, o pistoV, oV apektanqh par umin, opou katoikei o SatanaV.

2:14 All ecw kata sou oliga, oti eceiV ekei kratountaV thn didachn Balaam, oV edidaske ton Balak balein skandalon enwpion twn uiwn Israhl, fagein eidwloquta kai porneusai.

2:15 OutwV eceiV kai su kratountaV thn didachn twn Nikolaitwn o misw.

2:16 Metanohson ei de mh, ercomai soi tacu, kai polemhsw met autwn en th romfaia tou stomatoV mou.

2:17 O ecwn ouV akousatw ti to Pneuma legei taiV ekklhsiaiV. Tw nikwnti dwsw autw fagein apo tou manna tou kekrummenou, kai dwsw autw yhfon leukhn, kai epi thn yhfon onoma kainon gegrammenon, o oudeiV egnw ei mh o lambanwn.


2:18 Kai tw aggelw thV en quateiroiV ekklhsiaV grayon, Tade legei o uioV tou Qeou, o ecwn touV ofqalmouV autou wV floga puroV, kai oi podeV autou omoioi calkolibanw

2:19 Oida sou ta erga, kai thn agaphn kai thn diakonian, kai thn pistin kai thn upomonhn sou, kai ta erga sou, kai ta escata pleiona twn prwtwn.

2:20 All ecw kata sou oliga oti eaV thn gunaika Iezabhl, thn legousan eauthn profhtin, didaskein kai planasqai emouV doulouV porneusai kai eidwloquta fagein.

2:21 Kai edwka auth cronon ina metanohsh ek thV porneiaV authV, kai ou metenohsen.

2:22 Idou, egw ballw authn eiV klinhn, kai touV moiceuontaV met authV eiV qliyin megalhn, ean mh metanohswsin ek twn ergwn autwn.

2:23 Kai ta tekna authV apoktenw en qanatw kai gnwsontai pasai ai ekklhsiai oti egw eimi o ereunwn nefrouV kai kardiaV kai dwsw umin ekastw kata ta erga umwn.

2:24 Umin de legw kai loipoiV toiV en QuateiroiV, osoi ouk ecousi thn didachn tauthn, kai oitineV ouk egnwsan ta baqh tou Satana, wV legousin, Ou balw ef umaV allo baroV.

2:25 Plhn o ecete krathsate, acriV ou an hxw.

2:26 Kai o nikwn kai o thrwn acri telouV ta erga mou, dwsw autw exousian epi twn eqnwn

2:27 kai poimanei autouV en rabdw sidhra wV ta skeuh ta keramika, suntribetai

2:28 wV kagw eilhfa para tou patroV mou kai dwsw autw ton astera ton prwinon.

2:29 O ecwn ouV akousatw ti to Pneuma legei taiV ekklhsiaiV.



3:1 Kai tw aggelw thV en Sardesin ekklhsiaV grayon, Tade legei o ecwn ta epta pneumata tou Qeou kai touV epta asteraV Oida sou ta erga, oti to onoma eceiV oti zhV, kai nekroV ei.

3:2 Ginou grhgorwn, kai sthrison ta loipa a mellei apoqanein ou gar eurhka sou ta erga peplhrwmena enwpion tou Qeou.

3:3 Mnhmoneue oun pwV eilhfaV kai hkousaV, kai threi, kai metanohson. Ean oun mh grhgorhshV, hxw epi se wV klepthV, kai ou mh gnwV poian wran hxw epi se.

3:4 EceiV oliga onomata kai en Sardesin, a ouk emolunan ta imatia autwn kai peripathsousi met emou en leukoiV, oti axioi eisin.

3:5 O nikwn, outwV peribaleitai en imatioiV leukoiV kai ou mh exaleiyw to onoma autou ek thV biblou thV zwhV, kai exomologhsomai to onoma autou enwpion tou patroV mou, kai enwpion twn aggelwn autou.

3:6 O ecwn ouV akousatw ti to Pneuma legei taiV ekklhsiaiV.

3:7 Kai tw aggelw thV en Filadelfeia ekklhsiaV grayon, Tade legei o agioV, o alhqinoV, o ecwn thn kleida tou Dabid, o anoigwn kai oudeiV kleiei, kai kleiei kai oudeiV anoigei

3:8 Oida sou ta erga (idou, dedwka enwpion sou quran anewgmenhn, kai oudeiV dunatai kleisai authn), oti mikran eceiV dunamin, kai ethrhsaV mou ton logon, kai ouk hrnhsw to onoma mou.

3:9 Idou, didwmi ek thV sunagwghV tou Satana, twn legontwn eautouV IoudaiouV einai, kai ouk eisin, alla yeudontai idou, poihsw autouV ina hxwsi kai proskunhswsin enwpion twn podwn sou, kai gnwsin oti egw hgaphsa se.

3:10 Oti ethrhsaV ton logon thV upomonhV mou, kagw se thrhsw ek thV wraV tou peirasmou, thV melloushV ercesqai epi thV oikoumenhV olhV, peirasai touV katoikountaV epi thV ghV.

3:11 Idou, ercomai tacu kratei o eceiV, ina mhdeiV labh ton stefanon sou.

3:12 O nikwn, poihsw auton stulon en tw naw tou Qeou mou, kai exw ou mh exelqh eti, kai grayw ep auton to onoma tou Qeou mou, kai to onoma thV polewV tou Qeou mou, thV kainhV Ierousalhm, h katabainei ek tou ouranou apo tou Qeou mou, kai to onoma mou to kainon.

3:13 O ecwn ouV akousatw ti to Pneuma legei taiV ekklhsiaiV.

3:14 Kai tw aggelw thV ekklhsiaV Laodikewn grayon, Tade legei o Amhn, o martuV o pistoV kai alhqinoV, h arch thV ktisewV tou Qeou

3:15 Oida sou ta erga, oti oute yucroV ei oute zestoV ofelon yucroV eihV h zestoV.

3:16 OutwV oti cliaroV ei, kai oute yucroV oute zestoV, mellw se emesai ek tou stomatoV mou.

3:17 Oti legeiV oti PlousioV eimi, kai peplouthka, kai oudenoV creian ecw, kai ouk oidaV oti su ei o talaipwroV kai eleeinoV kai ptwcoV kai tufloV kai gumnoV

3:18 sumbouleuw soi agorasai par emou crusion pepurwmenon ek puroV, ina plouthshV, kai imatia leuka, ina peribalh, kai mh fanerwqh h aiscunh thV gumnothtoV sou kai kollourion egcrison touV ofqalmouV sou, ina blephV.

3:19 egw osouV ean filw, elegcw kai paideuw zhlwson oun kai metanohson.

3:20 Idou, esthka epi thn quran kai krouw ean tiV akoush thV fwnhV mou, kai anoixh thn quran, eiseleusomai proV auton, kai deipnhsw met autou, kai autoV met emou.


3:21 O nikwn, dwsw autw kaqisai met emou en tw qronw mou, wV kagw enikhsa, kai ekaqisa meta tou patroV mou en tw qronw autou.

3:22 O ecwn ouV akousatw ti to Pneuma legei taiV ekklhsiaiV.



4:1 Meta tauta eidon, kai idou, qura hnewgmenh en tw ouranw, kai h fwnh h prwth hn hkousa wV salpiggoV laloushV met emou, legousa, Anaba wde, kai deixw soi a dei genesqai meta tauta.

4:2 Kai euqewV egenomhn en pneumati kai idou, qronoV ekeito en tw ouranw, kai epi tou qronou kaqhmenoV

4:3 kai o kaqhmenoV hn omoioV orasei liqw iaspidi kai sardinw kai iriV kukloqen tou qronou omoia orasei smaragdinw.

4:4 Kai kukloqen tou qronou qronoi eikosi kai tessareV kai epi touV qronouV eidon touV eikosi kai tessaraV presbuterouV kaqhmenouV, peribeblhmenouV en imatioiV leukoiV, kai escon epi taV kefalaV autwn stefanouV crusouV.

4:5 Kai ek tou qronou ekporeuontai astrapai kai brontai kai fwnai. Kai epta lampadeV puroV kaiomenai enwpion tou qronou, ai eisi ta epta pneumata tou Qeou

4:6 kai enwpion tou qronou qalassa ualinh, omoia krustallw. Kai en mesw tou qronou kai kuklw tou qronou tessara zwa gemonta ofqalmwn emprosqen kai opisqen.

4:7 Kai to zwon to prwton omoion leonti, kai to deuteron zwon omoion moscw, kai to triton zwon econ to proswpon wV anqrwpoV, kai to tetarton zwon omoion aetw petwmenw.

4:8 Kai tessara zwa, en kaq eauto eicon ana pterugaV ex kukloqen, kai eswqen gemonta ofqalmwn, kai anapausin ouk ecousin hmeraV kai nuktoV, legonta, AgioV, agioV, agioV KurioV o QeoV o pantokratwr, o hn kai o wn kai o ercomenoV.

4:9 Kai otan dwsousi ta zwa doxan kai timhn kai eucaristian tw kaqhmenw epi tou qronou, tw zwnti eiV touV aiwnaV twn aiwnwn,

4:10 pesountai oi eikosi kai tessareV presbuteroi enwpion tou kaqhmenou epi tou qronou, kai proskunousi tw zwnti eiV touV aiwnaV twn aiwnwn, kai ballousi touV stefanouV autwn enwpion tou qronou, legonteV,

4:11 AxioV ei, Kurie, labein thn doxan kai thn timhn kai thn dunamin oti su ektisaV ta panta, kai dia to qelhma sou eisi kai ektisqhsan.



5:1 Kai eidon epi thn dexian tou kaqhmenou epi tou qronou biblion gegrammenon eswqen kai opisqen, katesfragismenon sfragisin epta.

5:2 Kai eidon aggelon iscuron khrussonta fwnh megalh, TiV estin axioV anoixai to biblion, kai lusai taV sfragidaV autou;

5:3 kai oudeiV hdunato en tw ouranw, oude epi thV ghV, oude upokatw thV ghV, anoixai to biblion, oude blepein auto.

5:4 Kai egw eklaion polla, oti oudeiV axioV eureqh anoixai kai anagnwnai to biblion, oute blepein auto.

5:5 Kai eiV ek twn presbuterwn legei moi, Mh klaie idou, enikhsen o lewn o wn ek thV fulhV Iouda, h riza Dabid, anoixai to biblion kai lusai taV epta sfragidaV autou.

5:6 Kai eidon, kai idou, en mesw tou qronou kai twn tessarwn zwwn, kai en mesw twn presbuterwn, arnion esthkoV wV esfagmenon, ecwn kerata epta kai ofqalmouV epta, oi eisi ta epta tou Qeou pneumata ta apestalmena eiV pasan thn ghn.

5:7 Kai hlqe, kai eilhfe to biblion ek thV dexiaV tou kaqhmenou epi tou qronou.

5:8 Kai ote elabe to biblion, ta tessara zwa kai oi eikositessareV presbuteroi epeson enwpion tou arniou, econteV ekastoV kiqaraV, kai fialaV crusaV gemousaV qumiamatwn, ai eisin ai proseucai twn agiwn.

5:9 Kai adousin wdhn kainhn, legonteV, AxioV ei labein to biblion, kai anoixai taV sfragidaV autou oti esfaghV, kai hgorasaV tw Qew hmaV en tw aimati sou ek pashV fulhV kai glwsshV kai laou kai eqnouV,

5:10 kai epoihsaV hmaV tw Qew hmwn basileiV kai iereiV, kai basileusomen epi thV ghV.

5:11 Kai eidon, kai hkousa fwnhn aggelwn pollwn kukloqen tou qronou kai twn zwwn kai twn presbuterwn kai hn o ariqmoV autwn muriadeV muriadwn, kai ciliadeV ciliadwn,

5:12 legonteV fwnh megalh, Axion esti to arnion to esfagmenon labein thn dunamin kai plouton kai sofian kai iscun kai timhn kai doxan kai eulogian.

5:13 Kai pan ktisma o estin en tw ouranw, kai en th gh, kai upokatw thV ghV, kai epi thV qalasshV a esti, kai ta en autoiV panta, hkousa legontaV, Tw kaqhmenw epi tou qronou kai tw arniw h eulogia kai h timh kai h doxa kai to kratoV eiV touV aiwnaV twn aiwnwn.

5:14 Kai ta tessara zwa elegon, Amhn. Kai oi eikositessareV presbuteroi epesan kai prosekunhsan zwnti eiV touV aiwnaV twn aiwnwn.


6:1 Kai eidon ote hnoixe to arnion mian ek twn sfragidwn, kai hkousa enoV ek twn tessarwn zwwn legontoV, wV fwnhV bronthV, Ercou

6:2 kai blepe. kai eidon, kai idou, ippoV leukoV, kai o kaqhmenoV ep autw ecwn toxon kai edoqh autw stefanoV, kai exhlqe nikwn, kai ina nikhsh.

6:3 Kai ote hnoixe thn deuteran sfragida, hkousa tou deuterou zwou legontoV, Ercou kai blepe.

6:4 Kai exhlqen alloV ippoV purroV kai tw kaqhmenw ep autw edoqh autw labein thn eirhnhn apo thV ghV, kai ina allhlouV sfaxwsi kai edoqh autw macaira megalh.

6:5 Kai ote hnoixe thn trithn sfragida, hkousa tou tritou zwou legontoV Ercou kai blepe. Kai eidon, kai idou, ippoV melaV, kai o kaqhmenoV ep autw ecwn zugon en th ceiri autou.

6:6 Kai hkousa fwnhn en mesw twn tessarwn zwwn legousan, Coinix sitou dhnariou, kai treiV coinikeV kriqhV dhnariou kai to elaion kai ton oinon mh adikhshV.

6:7 Kai ote hnoixe thn sfragida thn tetarthn, hkousa fwnhn tou tetartou zwou legousan, Ercou

kai blepe.

6:8 Kai eidon, kai idou, ippoV clwroV, kai o kaqhmenoV epanw autou, onoma autw o qanatoV, kai o adhV akolouqei met autou. Kai edoqh autoiV exousia apokteinai epi to tetarton thV ghV en romfaia kai en limw kai en qanatw, kai upo twn qhriwn thV ghV.

6:9 Kai ote hnoixe thn pempthn sfragida, eidon upokatw tou qusiasthriou taV yucaV twn esfagmenwn dia ton logon tou Qeou, kai dia thn marturian hn eicon,

6:10 kai ekrazon fwnh megalh, legonteV, EwV pote, o despothV, o agioV kai o alhqinoV, ou krineiV kai ekdikeiV to aima hmwn apo twn katoikountwn epi thV ghV;

6:11 kai edoqhsan ekastoiV stolai leukai, kai erreqh autoiV ina anapausontai eti cronon mikron, ewV ou plhrwsontai kai oi sundouloi autwn kai oi adelfoi autwn, oi mellonteV apokteinesqai wV kai autoi.

6:12 Kai eidon ote hnoixe thn sfragida thn ekthn, kai idou, seismoV megaV egeneto, kai o hlioV egeneto melaV wV sakkoV tricinoV, kai h selhnh egeneto wV aima,

6:13 kai oi astereV tou ouranou epesan eiV thn ghn, wV sukh ballei touV olunqouV authV, upo megalou anemou seiomenh.

6:14 Kai ouranoV apecwrisqh wV biblion eilissomenon, kai pan oroV kai nhsoV ek twn topwn autwn ekinhqhsan.

6:15 Kai oi basileiV thV ghV, kai oi megistaneV, kai oi plousioi, kai oi ciliarcoi, kai oi dunatoi, kai paV douloV kai paV eleuqeroV, ekruyan eautouV eiV ta sphlaia kai eiV taV petraV twn orewn,

6:16 kai legousi toiV oresi kai taiV petraiV, Pesete ef hmaV, kai kruyate hmaV apo proswpou tou kaqhmenou epi tou qronou, kai apo thV orghV tou arniou

6:17 oti hlqen h hmera h megalh thV orghV autou, kai tiV dunatai staqhnai;



7:1 Kai meta tauta eidon tessaraV aggelouV estwtaV epi taV tessaraV gwniaV thV ghV, kratountaV touV tessaraV anemouV thV ghV, ina mh pneh anemoV epi thV ghV, mhte epi thV qalasshV, mhte epi pan dendron.

7:2 Kai eidon allon aggelon anabainonta apo anatolhV hliou, econta sfragida Qeou zwntoV kai ekraxe fwnh megalh toiV tessarsin aggeloiV, oiV edoqh autoiV adikhsai thn ghn kai thn qalassan,

7:3 legwn, Mh adikhshte thn ghn, mhte thn qalassan, mhte ta dendra, acriV ou sfragiswmen touV doulouV tou Qeou hmwn epi twn metwpwn autwn.

7:4 Kai hkousa ton ariqmon twn esfragismenwn, rmd ciliadeV esfragismenoi ek pashV fulhV uiwn Israhl.

7:5 Ek fulhV Iouda, ib ciliadeV esfragismenoi

Ek fulhV Roubhn, ib ciliadeV esfragismenoi

Ek fulhV Gad, ib ciliadeV esfragismenoi

7:6 Ek fulhV Ashr, ib ciliadeV esfragismenoi

Ek fulhV Nefqaleim, ib ciliadeV esfragismenoi

Ek fulhV Manassh, ib ciliadeV esfragismenoi

7:7 Ek fulhV Sumewn, ib ciliadeV esfragismenoi

Ek fulhV Leui, ib ciliadeV esfragismenoi

Ek fulhV Isacar, ib ciliadeV esfragismenoi

7:8 Ek fulhV Zaboulwn, ib ciliadeV esfragismenoi

Ek fulhV Iwshf, ib ciliadeV esfragismwnoi

Ek fulhV Beniamin, ib ciliadeV esfragismenoi.


7:9 Meta tauta eidon, kai idou, ocloV poluV, on ariqmhsai auton oudeiV hdunato, ek pantoV eqnouV kai fulwn kai lawn kai glwsswn, estwteV enwpion tou qronou kai enwpion tou arniou, peribeblhmenoi stolaV leukaV, kai foinikeV en taiV cersin autwn

7:10 kai krazonteV fwnh megalh, legonteV, H swthria tw Qew hmwn tw kaqhmenw epi tou qronou, kai tw arniw.

7:11 Kai panteV oi aggeloi esthkesan kuklw tou qronou kai twn presbuterwn kai twn tessarwn zwwn, kai epeson enwpion tou qronou epi proswpon autwn, kai prosekunhsan tw Qew,

7:12 legonteV, Amhn h eulogia kai h doxa kai h sofia kai h eucaristia kai h timh kai h dunamiV kai h iscuV tw Qew hmwn eiV touV aiwnaV twn aiwnwn. Amhn.

7:13 Kai apekriqh eiV ek twn presbuterwn, legwn moi, Outoi oi peribeblhmenoi taV stolaV taV leukaV, tineV eisi, kai poqen hlqon;

7:14 kai eirhka autw, Kurie, su oidaV. Kai eipe moi, Outoi eisin oi ercomenoi ek thV qliyewV thV megalhV, kai eplunan taV stolaV autwn, kai eleukanan autaV en tw aimati tou arniou.

7:15 Dia touto eisin enwpion tou qronou tou Qeou, kai latreuousin autw hmeraV kai nuktoV en tw naw autou kai o kaqhmenoV epi tou qronou skhnwsei ep autouV.

7:16 Ou peinasousin eti, oude diyhsousin eti, oude mh pesh ep autouV o hlioV, oude pan kauma

7:17 oti to arnion to ana meson tou qronou poimanei autouV, kai odhghsei autouV epi zwsaV phgaV udatwn, kai exaleiyei o QeoV pan dakruon apo twn ofqalmwn autwn.



8:1 Kai ote hnoixe thn sfragida thn ebdomhn, egeneto sigh en tw ouranw wV hmiwrion.

8:2 Kai eidon touV epta aggelouV oi enwpion tou Qeou esthkasi, kai edoqhsan autoiV epta salpiggeV.

8:3 Kai alloV aggeloV hlqe, kai estaqh epi to qusiasthrion, ecwn libanwton crusoun kai edoqh autw qumiamata polla, ina dwsh taiV proseucaiV twn agiwn pantwn epi to qusiasthrion to crusoun to enwpion tou qronou.

8:4 Kai anebh o kapnoV twn qumiamatwn taiV proseucaiV twn agiwn ek ceiroV tou aggelou enwpion tou Qeou.

8:5 Kai eilhfen o aggeloV to libanwton, kai egemisen auto ek tou puroV tou qusiasthriou, kai ebalen eiV thn ghn kai egenonto fwnai kai brontai kai astrapai kai seismoV.

8:6 Kai oi epta aggeloi oi econteV taV epta salpiggaV htoimasan eautouV ina salpiswsi.

8:7 Kai o prwtoV aggeloV esalpise, kai egeneto calaza kai pur memigmena aimati, kai eblhqh eiV thn ghn kai to triton twn dendrwn katekah, kai paV cortoV clwroV katekah.

8:8 Kai o deuteroV aggeloV esalpise, kai wV oroV mega puri kaiomenon eblhqh eiV thn qalassan kai egeneto to triton thV qalasshV aima

8:9 kai apeqane to triton twn ktismatwn twn en th qalassh, ta econta yucaV, kai to triton twn ploiwn diefqarh.

8:10 Kai o tritoV aggeloV esalpise, kai epesen ek tou ouranou asthr megaV kaiomenoV wV lampaV, kai epesen epi to triton twn potamwn, kai epi taV phgaV udatwn.

8:11 Kai to onoma tou asteroV legetai AyinqoV kai ginetai to triton twn udatwn eiV ayinqon, kai polloi anqrwpwn apeqanon ek twn udatwn, oti epikranqhsan.

8:12 Kai o tetartoV aggeloV esalpise, kai eplhgh to triton tou hliou kai to triton thV selhnhV kai to triton twn asterwn, ina skotisqh to triton autwn, kai h hmera mh fainh to triton authV kai h nux omoiwV.

8:13 Kai eidon, kai hkousa enoV aggelou petwmenou en mesouranhmati, legontoV fwnh megalh, Ouai, ouai, ouai toiV katoikousin epi thV ghV, ek twn loipwn fwnwn thV salpiggoV twn triwn aggelwn twn mellontwn salpizein.



9:1 Kai o pemptoV aggeloV esalpise, kai eidon astera ek tou ouranou peptwkota eiV thn ghn, kai edoqh autw h kleiV tou freatoV thV abussou.

9:2 Kai hnoixe to frear thV abussou, kai anebh kapnoV ek tou freatoV wV kapnoV kaminou megalhV, kai eskotisqh o hlioV kai o ahr ek tou kapnou tou freatoV.

9:3 Kai ek tou kapnou exhlqon akrideV eiV thn ghn, kai edoqh autaiV exousia, wV ecousin exousian oi skorpioi thV ghV.

9:4 Kai erreqh autaiV ina mh adikhswsi ton corton thV ghV, oude pan clwron, oude pan dendron, ei mh touV anqrwpouV monouV oitineV ouk ecousi thn sfragida tou Qeou epi twn metwpwn autwn.

9:5 Kai edoqh autaiV ina mh apokteinwsin autouV, all ina basanisqwsi mhnaV pente kai o basanismoV autwn wV basanismoV skorpiou, otan paish anqrwpon.

9:6 Kai en taiV hmeraiV ekeinaiV zhthsousin oi anqrwpoi ton qanaton, kai ouc eurhsousin auton kai epiqumhsousin apoqanein, kai feuxetai o qanatoV ap autwn.

9:7 Kai ta omoiwmata twn akridwn omoia ippoiV htoimasmenoiV eiV polemon, kai epi taV kefalaV autwn wV stefanoi omoioi crusw, kai ta proswpa autwn wV proswpa anqrwpwn.

9:8 Kai eicon tricaV wV tricaV gunaikwn, kai oi odonteV autwn wV leontwn hsan.

9:9 kai eicon qwrakaV wV qwrakaV sidhrouV, kai h fwnh twn pterugwn autwn wV fwnh armatwn ippwn pollwn trecontwn eiV polemon.

9:10 Kai ecousin ouraV omoiaV skorpioiV, kai kentra hn en taiV ouraiV autwn kai h exousia autwn adikhsai touV anqrwpouV mhnaV pente.

9:11 Kai ecousin ep autwn basilea ton aggelon thV abussou onoma autw Ebraisti Abaddwn, kai en th Ellhnikh onoma ecei Apolluwn.

9:12 H ouai h mia aphlqen idou, ercontai eti duo ouai meta tauta.

9:13 Kai o ektoV aggeloV esalpise, kai hkousa fwnhn mian ek twn tessarwn keratwn tou qusiasthriou tou crusou tou enwpion tou Qeou,

9:14 legousan tw ektw aggelw oV eice thn salpigga, Luson touV tessaraV aggelouV touV dedemenouV epi tw potamw tw megalw Eufrath.

9:15 Kai eluqhsan oi tessareV aggeloi oi htoimasmenoi eiV thn wran kai hmeran kai mhna kai eniauton, ina apokteinwsi to triton twn anqrwpwn.

9:16 Kai o ariqmoV strateumatwn tou ippikou duo muriadeV muriadwn kai hkousa ton ariqmon autwn.

9:17 Kai outwV eidon touV ippouV en th orasei, kai touV kaqhmenouV ep autwn, econtaV qwrakaV purinouV kai uakinqinouV kai qeiwdeiV kai ai kefalai twn ippwn wV kefalai leontwn, kai ek twn stomatwn autwn ekporeuetai pur kai kapnoV kai qeion.

9:18 Upo twn triwn toutwn apektanqhsan to triton twn anqrwpwn, ek tou puroV kai ek tou kapnou kai ek tou qeiou tou ekporeuomenou ek twn stomatwn autwn.

9:19 H gar exousia autwn en tw stomati autwn esti, kai en taiV ouraiV autwn ai gar ourai autwn omoiai ofesin, ecousai kefalaV, kai en autaiV adikousi.

9:20 Kai oi loipoi twn anqrwpwn, oi ouk apektanqhsan en taiV plhgaiV tautaiV, ou metenohsan ek twn ergwn twn ceirwn autwn, ina mh proskunhswsi ta daimonia, kai eidwla ta crusa kai ta argura kai ta calka kai ta liqina kai ta xulina, a oute blepein dunatai, oute akouein, oute peripatein

9:21 kai ou metenohsan ek twn fonwn autwn, oute ek twn farmakeiwn autwn, oute ek thV porneiaV autwn, oute ek twn klemmatwn autwn.



10:1 Kai eidon allon aggelon iscuron katabainonta ek tou ouranou, peribeblhmenon nefelhn, kai iriV epi thV kefalhV, kai to proswpon autou wV o hlioV, kai oi podeV autou wV stuloi puroV

10:2 kai ecen en th ceiri autou biblaridion anewgmenon kai eqhke ton poda autou ton dexion epi thn qalassan, ton de euwnumon epi thn ghn,

10:3 kai ekraxe fwnh megalh wsper lewn mukatai kai ote ekraxen, elalhsan ai epta brontai taV eautwn fwnaV.

10:4 Kai ote elalhsan ai epta brontai taV fwnaV eautwn, emellon grafein kai hkousa fwnhn ek tou ouranou, legousan moi, Sfragison a elalhsan ai epta brontai, kai mh tauta grayhV.

10:5 Kai o aggeloV on eidon estwta epi thV qalasshV kai epi thV ghV hre thn ceira autou eiV ton ouranon,

10:6 kai wmosen en tw zwnti eiV touV aiwnaV twn aiwnwn, oV ektise ton ouranon kai ta en autw, kai thn ghn kai ta en auth, kai thn qalassan kai ta en auth, oti cronoV ouk estai eti

10:7 alla en taiV hmeraiV thV fwnhV tou ebdomou aggelou, otan mellh salpizein, kai telesqh to musthrion tou Qeou, wV euhggelise toiV eautou douloiV toiV profhtaiV.

10:8 Kai h fwnh hn hkousa ek tou ouranou, palin lalousa met emou, kai legousa, Upage, labe to biblaridion to hnewgmenon en th ceiri aggelou tou estwtoV epi thV qalasshV kai epi thV ghV.

10:9 Kai aphlqon proV ton aggelon, legwn autw, DoV moi to biblaridion. Kai legei moi, Labe kai katafage auto kai pikranei sou thn koilian, all en tw stomati sou estai gluku wV meli.

10:10 Kai elabon to biblaridion ek thV ceiroV tou aggelou, kai katefagon auto, kai hn en tw stomati mou wV meli, gluku kai ote efagon auto, epikranqh h koilia mou.

10:11 Kai legei moi, Dei se palin profhteusai epi laoiV kai eqnesi kai glwssaiV kai basileusi polloiV.



11:01 Kai edoqh moi kalamoV omoioV rabdw, kai o aggeloV eisthkei, legwn, Egeirai, kai metrhson ton naon tou Qeou, kai to qusiasthrion, kai touV proskunountaV en autw.

11:02 Kai thn aulhn thn exwqen tou naou ekbale exw, kai mh authn metrhshV, oti edoqh toiV eqnesi kai thn polin thn agian pathsousi mhnaV tessarakonta duo.

11:03 Kai dwsw toiV dusi martusi mou, kai profhteusousin hmeraV ciliaV diakosiaV exhkonta peribeblhmenoi sakkouV.

11:04 Outoi eisin ai duo elaiai, kai ai duo lucniai ai enwpion tou Qeou thV ghV estwsai.

11:05 Kai ei tiV autouV qelei adikhsai, pur ekporeuetai ek tou stomatoV autwn, kai katesqiei touV ecqrouV autwn kai ei tiV autouV qelh adikhsai, outw dei auton apoktanqhnai.

11:06 Outoi ecousin exousian kleisai ton ouranon, ina mh brech uetoV en hmeraiV autwn thV profhteiaV kai exousian ecousin epi twn udatwn, strefein auta eiV aima, kai pataxai thn ghn pash plhgh, osakiV ean qelhswsi.

11:07 kai otan teleswsi thn marturian autwn, to qhrion to anabainon ek thV abussou poihsei polemon met autwn, kai nikhsei autouV, kai apoktenei autouV.

11:08 Kai ta ptwmata autwn epi thV plateiaV polewV thV megalhV, htiV kaleitai pneumatikwV Sodoma kai AiguptoV, opou kai o KurioV hmwn estaurwqh.

11:09 Kai bleyousin ek twn lawn kai fulwn kai glwsswn kai eqnwn ta ptwmata autwn hmeraV treiV kai hmisu, kai ta ptwmata autwn ouk afhsousi teqhnai eiV mnhmata.

11:10 Kai oi katoikounteV epi thV ghV carousin ep autoiV, kai eufranqhsontai, kai dwra pemyousin allhloiV, oti outoi oi duo profhtai ebasanisan touV katoikountaV epi thV ghV.

11:11 Kai meta taV treiV hmeraV kai hmisu, pneuma zwhV ek tou Qeou eishlqen ep autouV, kai esthsan epi touV podaV autwn, kai foboV megaV epesen epi touV qewrountaV autouV.

11:12 Kai hkousan fwnhn megalhn ek tou ouranou, legousan autoiV, Anabhte wde. Kai anebhsan eiV ton ouranon en th nefelh, kai eqewrhsan autouV oi ecqroi autwn.

11:13 Kai en ekeinh th wra egeneto seismoV megaV, kai to dekaton thV polewV epese, kai apektanqhsan en tw seismw onomata anqrwpwn, ciliadeV epta kai oi loipoi emfoboi egenonto, kai edwkan doxan tw Qew tou ouranou.

11:14 H ouai h deutera aphlqen kai idou, h ouai h trith ercetai tacu.

11:15 Kai o ebdomoV aggeloV esalpise, kai egenonto fwnai megalai en tw ouranw, legousai, Egenonto ai basileiai tou kosmou, tou Kuriou hmwn, kai tou Cristou autou, kai basileusei eiV touV aiwnaV twn aiwnwn.

11:16 Kai oi eikosi kai tessareV presbuteroi oi enwpion tou Qeou kaqhmenoi epi touV qronouV autwn, epesan epi ta proswpa autwn, kai prosekunhsan tw Qew,

11:17 legonteV, Eucaristoumen soi, Kurie o QeoV o pantokratwr, o wn kai o hn kai o ercomenoV, oti eilhfaV thn dunamin sou thn megalhn, kai ebasileusaV.

11:18 Kai ta eqnh wrgisqhsan, kai hlqen h orgh sou, kai o kairoV twn nekrwn kriqhnai, kai dounai ton misqon toiV douloiV sou toiV profhtaiV kai toiV agioiV kai toiV foboumenoiV to onoma sou, toiV mikroiV kai toiV megaloiV, kai diafqeirai touV diafqeirontaV thn ghn.

11:19 Kai hnoigh o naoV tou Qeou en tw ouranw, kai wfqh h kibwtoV thV diaqhkhV autou en tw naw autou kai egenonto astrapai kai fwnai kai brontai kai seismoV kai calaza megalh.



12:1 Kai shmeion mega wfqh en tw ouranw, gunh peribeblhmenh ton hlion, kai h selhnh upokatw twn podwn authV, kai epi thV kefalhV authV stefanoV asterwn dwdeka

12:2 kai en gastri ecousa. Krazei wdinousa, kai basanizomenh tekein.

12:3 Kai wfqh allo shmeion en tw ouranw, kai idou, drakwn megaV purroV, ecwn kefalaV epta kai kerata deka, kai epi taV kefalaV autou diadhmata epta.

12:4 Kai h oura autou surei to triton twn asterwn tou ouranou, kai ebalen autouV eiV thn ghn kai o drakwn esthken enwpion thV gunaikoV thV melloushV tekein, ina, otan tekh, to teknon authV katafagh.

12:5 Kai eteken uion arrena, oV mellei poimainein panta ta eqnh en rabdw sidhra kai hrpasqh to teknon authV proV ton Qeon kai ton qronon autou.

12:6 Kai h gunh efugen eiV thn erhmon, opou ecei topon htoimasmenon apo tou Qeou, ina ekei trefwsin authn hmeraV ciliaV diakosiaV exhkonta.

12:7 Kai egeneto polemoV en tw ouranw o Micahl kai oi aggeloi autou epolemhsan kata tou drakontoV kai o drakwn epolemhse, kai oi aggeloi autou,

12:8 kai ouk iscusan, oute topoV eureqh autwn eti en tw ouranw.

12:9 Kai eblhqh o drakwn o megaV, o ofiV o arcaioV, o kaloumenoV diaboloV kai o SatanaV, o planwn thn oikoumenhn olhn eblhqh eiV thn ghn, kai oi aggeloi autou met autou eblhqhsan.

12:10 Kai hkousa fwnhn megalhn legousan en tw ouranw, Arti egeneto h swthria kai h dunamiV kai h basileia tou Qeou hmwn, kai h exousia tou Cristou autou oti kateblhqh o kathgoroV twn adelfwn hmwn, o kathgorwn autwn enwpion tou Qeou hmwn hmeraV kai nuktoV.

12:11 Kai autoi enikhsan auton dia to aima tou arniou, kai dia ton logon thV marturiaV autwn, kai ouk hgaphsan thn yuchn autwn acri qanatou.

12:12 Dia touto eufrainesqe, oi ouranoi kai oi en autoiV skhnounteV ouai toiV katoikousi thn ghn kai thn qalassan, oti katebh o diaboloV proV umaV ecwn qumon megan, eidwV oti oligon kairon ecei.

12:13 Kai ote eiden o drakwn oti eblhqh eiV thn ghn, ediwxe thn gunaika htiV eteke ton arrena.

12:14 Kai edoqhsan th gunaiki duo pterugeV tou aetou tou megalou, ina pethtai eiV thn erhmon eiV ton topon authV, opou trefetai ekei kairon, kai kairouV, kai hmisu kairou, apo proswpou tou ofewV.

12:15 Kai ebalen o ofiV opisw thV gunaikoV ek tou stomatoV autou udwr wV potamon, ina tauthn potamoforhton poihsh.

12:16 Kai ebohqhsen h gh th gunaiki, kai hnoixen h gh to stoma authV, kai katepie ton potamon on ebalen o drakwn ek tou stomatoV autou.

12:17 Kai wrgisqh o drakwn epi th gunaiki, kai aphlqe poihsai polemon meta twn loipwn tou spermatoV authV, twn thrountwn taV entolaV tou Qeou kai econtwn thn marturian tou Ihsou Cristou

12:18 kai estaqhn epi thn ammon thV qalasshV.



13:1 Kai eidon ek thV qalasshV qhrion anabainon, econ kefalaV epta kai kerata deka, kai epi twn keratwn autou deka diadhmata, kai epi taV kefalaV autou onoma blasfhmiaV.

13:2 Kai to qhrion, o eidon, hn omoion pardalei, kai oi podeV autou wV arktou, kai to stoma autou wV stoma leontoV kai edwken autw o drakwn thn dunamin autou, kai ton qronon autou, kai exousian megalhn.

13:3 Kai eidon mian twn kefalwn autou wV esfagmenhn eiV qanaton kai h plhgh tou qanatou autou eqerapeuqh kai eqaumasen olh h gh opisw tou qhriou

13:4 kai prosekunhsan tw drakonta oV edwken exousian tw qhriw, kai prosekunhsan to qhrion, legonteV, TiV omoioV tw qhriw; tiV dunatai polemhsai met autou;

13:5 kai edoqh autw stoma laloun megala kai blasfhmiaV kai edoqh autw exousia poihsai mhnaV tessarakonta duo.

13:6 Kai hnoixe to stoma autou eiV blasfhmian proV ton Qeon, blasfhmhsai to onoma autou, kai thn skhnhn autou, kai touV en tw ouranw skhnountaV.

13:7 Kai edoqh autw polemon poihsai meta twn agiwn, kai nikhsai autouV kai edoqh autw exousia epi pasan fulhn kai glwssan kai eqnoV.

13:8 Kai proskunhsousin autw panteV oi katoikounteV epi thV ghV, wn ou gegraptai to onomata en th bibliw thV zwhV tou arniou esfagmenou apo katabolhV kosmou.

13:9 Ei tiV ecei ouV, akousatw.

13:10 Ei tiV aicmalwsian sunagei, eiV aicmalwsian upagei ei tiV en macaira apoktenei, dei auton en macaira apoktanqhnai. Wde estin h upomonh kai h pistiV twn agiwn.

13:11 Kai eidon allo qhrion anabainon ek thV ghV, kai eice kerata duo omoia arniw, kai elalei wV drakwn.

13:12 Kai thn exousian tou prwtou qhriou pasan poiei enwpion autou. Kai poiei thn ghn kai touV katoikountaV en auth ina proskunhswsi to qhrion to prwton, ou eqerapeuqh h plhgh tou qanatou autou.

13:13 Kai poiei shmeia megala, ina kai pur poih katabainein ek tou ouranou eiV thn ghn enwpion twn anqrwpwn.

13:14 Kai plana touV katoikountaV epi thV ghV dia ta shmeia a edoqh autw poihsai enwpion tou qhriou, legwn toiV katoikousin epi thV ghV poihsai eikona tw qhriw o ecei thn plhghn thV macairaV kai ezhse.

13:15 Kai edoqh autw dounai pneuma th eikoni tou qhriou, ina kai lalhsh h eikwn tou qhriou, kai poihsh, osoi an mh proskunhswsi thn eikona tou qhriou, ina apoktanqwsi.

13:16 Kai poiei pantaV, touV mikrouV kai touV megalouV, kai touV plousiouV kai touV ptwcouV, kai touV eleuqerouV kai touV doulouV, ina dwsi autoiV caragma epi thV ceiroV autwn thV dexiaV, h epi twn metwpon autwn,

13:17 kai ina mh tiV dunhtai agorasai h pwlhsai, ei mh o ecwn to caragma h to onoma tou qhriou h ton ariqmon tou onomatoV autou.

13:18 Wde h sofia estin. O ecwn ton noun yhfisatw ton ariqmon tou qhriou ariqmoV gar anqrwpou esti, kai o ariqmoV autou cxV.



14:1 Kai eidon, kai idou, arnion esthkoV epi to oroV Siwn, kai met autou ekaton tessarakontatessareV ciliadeV, ecousai to onoma tou patroV autou gegrammenon epi twn metwpwn autwn.

14:2 Kai hkousa fwnhn ek tou ouranou, wV fwnhn udatwn pollwn, kai wV fwnhn bronthV megalhV kai fwnhn hkousa kiqarwdwn kiqarizontwn en taiV kiqaraiV autwn.

14:3 Kai adousin wV wdhn kainhn enwpion tou qronou, kai enwpion twn tessarwn zwwn kai twn presbuterwn kai oudeiV edunato maqein thn wdhn, ei mh ai ekaton tessarakontatessareV ciliadeV, oi hgorasmenoi apo thV ghV.

14:4 Outoi eisin oi meta gunaikwn ouk emolunqhsan parqenoi gar eisin. Outoi eisin oi akolouqounteV tw arniw opou an upagh. Outoi hgorasqhsan apo twn anqrwpwn, aparch tw Qew kai tw arniw.

14:5 Kai en tw stomati autwn ouc eureqh doloV amwmoi gar eisin enwpion tou qronou tou Qeou.

14:6 Kai eidon allon aggelon petwmenon en mesouranhmati, econta euaggelion aiwnion, euaggelisai touV katoikountaV epi thV ghV, kai pan eqnoV kai fulhn kai glwssan kai laon,

14:7 legonta en fwnh megalh, Fobhqhte ton Qeon, kai dote autw doxan, oti hlqen h wra thV krisewV autou, kai proskunhsate tw poihsanti ton ouranon kai thn ghn kai thn qalassan kai phgaV udatwn.

14:8 Kai alloV aggeloV hkolouqhse, legwn, Epesen epese Babulwn h poliV h megalh, oti ek tou oinou tou qumou thV porneiaV authV pepotike panta eqnh.

14:9 Kai tritoV aggeloV hkolouqhsen autoiV, legwn en fwnh megalh, Ei tiV to qhrion proskunei kai thn eikona autou, kai lambanei caragma epi tou metwpou autou, h epi thn ceira autou,

14:10 kai autoV pietai ek tou oinou tou qumou tou Qeou, tou kekerasmenou akratou en tw pothriw thV orghV autou, kai basanisqhsetai en puri kai qeiw enwpion twn agiwn aggelwn, kai enwpion tou arniou


14:11 kai o kapnoV tou basanismou autwn anabainei eiV aiwnaV aiwnwn kai ouk ecousin anapausin hmeraV kai nuktoV oi proskunounteV to qhrion kai thn eikona autou, kai ei tiV lambanei to caragma tou onomatoV autou.

14:12 Wde upomonh twn agiwn estin wde oi throunteV taV entolaV tou Qeou kai thn pistin Ihsou.

14:13 Kai hkousa fwnhV ek tou ouranou legoushV moi, Grayon, Makarioi oi nekroi oi en Kuriw apoqnhskonteV ap arti nai, legei to Pneuma, ina anapauswntai ek twn kopwn autwn ta de erga autwn akolouqei met autwn.

14:14 Kai eidon, kai idou, nefelh leukh, kai epi thn nefelhn kaqhmenoV omoioV uiw anqrwpou, ecwn epi thV kefalhV autou stefanon crusoun, kai en th ceiri autou drepanon oxu.

14:15 Kai alloV aggeloV exhlqen ek tou naou, krazwn en megalh fwnh tw kaqhmenw epi thV nefelhV, Pemyon to drepanon sou kai qerison oti hlqe soi h wra tou qerisai, oti exhranqh o qerismoV thV ghV.

14:16 Kai ebalen o kaqhmenoV epi thn nefelhn to drepanon autou epi thn ghn, kai eqerisqh h gh.

14:17 Kai alloV aggeloV exhlqen ek tou naou tou en tw ouranw, ecwn kai autoV drepanon oxu.

14:18 Kai alloV aggeloV exhlqen ek tou qusiasthriou, ecwn exousian epi tou puroV, kai efwnhse kraugh megalh tw econti to drepanon to oxu, legwn, Pemyon sou to drepanon to oxu kai trughson touV botruaV thV ampelou thV ghV, oti hkmasan ai stafulai authV.

14:19 Kai ebalen o aggeloV to drepanon autou eiV thn ghn, kai etrughse thn ampelon thV ghV, kai ebalen eiV thn lhnon tou qumou tou Qeou thn megalhn.

14:20 Kai epathqh h lhnoV exw thV polewV, kai exhlqen aima ek thV lhnou acri twn calinwn twn ippwn, apo stadiwn ciliwn exakosiwn.



15:1 Kai eidon allo shmeion en tw ouranw mega kai qaumaston, aggelouV epta econtaV plhgaV epta taV escataV, oti en autaiV etelesqh o qumoV tou Qeou.

15:2 Kai eidon wV qalassan ualinhn memigmenhn puri, kai touV nikwntaV ek tou qhriou kai ek thV eikonoV autou kai ek tou caragmatoV autou, ek tou ariqmou tou onomatoV autou, estwtaV epi thn qalassan thn ualinhn, econtaV kiqaraV tou Qeou.

15:3 Kai adousi thn wdhn MwsewV tou doulou tou Qeou, kai thn wdhn tou arniou, legonteV, Megala kai qaumasta ta erga sou, Kurie o QeoV o pantokratwr dikaiai kai alhqinai ai odoi sou, o basileuV twn agiwn.

15:4 TiV ou mh fobhqh se, Kurie, kai doxash to onoma sou; oti monoV osioV oti panta ta eqnh hxousi kai proskunhsousin enwpion sou, oti ta dikaiwmata sou efanerwqhsan.

15:5 Kai meta tauta eidon, kai idou, hnoigh o naoV thV skhnhV tou marturiou en tw ouranw

15:6 kai exhlqon oi epta aggeloi econteV taV epta plhgaV ek tou naou, endedumenoi linon kaqaron kai lampron, kai periezwsmenoi peri ta sthqh zwnaV crusaV.

15:7 Kai en ek twn tessarwn zwwn edwke toiV epta aggeloiV epta fialaV crusaV gemousaV tou qumou tou Qeou tou zwntoV eiV touV aiwnaV twn aiwnwn.

15:8 Kai egemisqh o naoV kapnou ek thV doxhV tou Qeou, kai ek thV dunamewV autou kai oudeiV hdunato eiselqein eiV ton naon, acri telesqwsin ai epta plhgai twn epta aggelwn.



16:1 Kai hkousa fwnhV megalhV ek tou naou, legoushV toiV epta aggeloiV, Upagete, kai ekceate taV fialaV tou qumou tou Qeou eiV thn ghn.

16:2 Kai aphlqen o prwtoV, kai execee thn fialhn autou epi thn ghn kai egeneto elkoV kakon kai ponhron eiV touV anqrwpouV touV econtaV to caragma tou qhriou, kai touV th eikoni autou proskunountaV.

16:3 Kai o deuteroV aggeloV execee thn fialhn autou eiV thn qalassan kai egeneto aima wV nekrou, kai pasa yuch zwsa apeqanen en th qalassh.

16:4 Kai o tritoV aggeloV execee thn fialhn autou eiV touV potamouV kai eiV taV phgaV twn udatwn kai egeneto aima.

16:5 Kai hkousa tou aggelou twn udatwn legontoV, DikaioV, Kurie, ei, o wn kai o hn kai o esomenoV, oti tauta ekrinaV

16:6 oti aima agiwn kai profhtwn execean, kai aima autoiV edwkaV piein axioi gar eisi.

16:7 Kai hkousa allou ek tou qusiasthriou legontoV, Nai, Kurie o QeoV o pantokratwr, alhqinai kai dikaiai ai kriseiV sou.

16:8 Kai o tetartoV aggeloV execee thn fialhn autou epi ton hlion kai edoqh autw kaumatisai touV anqrwpouV en puri.

16:9 Kai ekaumatisqhsan oi anqrwpoi kauma mega, kai eblasfhmhsan to onoma tou Qeou tou econtoV exousian epi taV plhgaV tautaV, kai ou metenohsan dounai autw doxan.

16:10 Kai o pemptoV aggeloV execee thn fialhn autou epi ton qronon tou qhriou kai egeneto h basileia autou eskotwmenh kai emasswnto taV glwssaV autwn ek tou ponou,


16:11 kai eblasfhmhsan ton Qeon tou ouranou ek twn ponwn autwn kai ek twn elkwn autwn, kai ou metenohsan ek twn ergwn autwn.

16:12 Kai o ektoV aggeloV execee thn fialhn autou epi ton potamon ton megan ton Eufrathn kai exhranqh to udwr autou, ina etoimasqh h odoV twn basilewn twn apo anatolwn hliou.

16:13 Kai eidon ek tou stomatoV tou drakontoV, kai ek tou stomatoV tou qhriou, kai ek tou stomatoV tou yeudoprofhtou, pneumata tria akaqarta omoia batracoiV

16:14 eisi gar pneumata daimonwn poiounta shmeia, a ekporeuetai epi touV basileiV thV ghV kai thV oikoumenhV olhV, sunagagein autouV eiV ton polemon thV hmeraV ekeinhV thV megalhV tou Qeou tou pantokratoroV.

16:15 (idou, ercomai wV klepthV. MakarioV o grhgorwn kai thrwn ta imatia autou, ina mh gumnoV peripath, kai blepwsi thn aschmosunhn autou.)

16:16 Kai sunhgagen autouV eiV ton topon ton kaloumenon Ebraisti Armageddwn.

16:17 Kai o ebdomoV aggeloV execee thn fialhn autou eiV ton aera kai exhlqe fwnh megalh apo tou naou tou ouranou, apo tou qronou, legousa, Gegone.

16:18 Kai egenonto fwnai kai brontai kai astrapai, kai seismoV egeneto megaV, oioV ouk egeneto af ou oi anqrwpoi egenonto epi thV ghV, thlikoutoV seismoV, outw megaV.

16:19 Kai egeneto h poliV h megalh eiV tria merh, kai ai poleiV twn eqnwn epeson kai Babulwn h megalh emnhsqh enwpion tou Qeou, dounai auth to pothrion tou oinou tou qumou thV orghV autou.

16:20 Kai pasa nhsoV efuge, kai orh ouc eureqhsan.

16:21 Kai calaza megalh, wV talantiaia, katabainei ek tou ouranou epi touV anqrwpouV kai eblasfhmhsan oi anqrwpoi ton Qeon ek thV plhghV thV calazhV oti megalh estin h plhgh authV sfodra.



17:1 Kai hlqen eiV ek twn epta aggelwn twn econtwn taV epta fialaV, kai elalhse met emou, legwn moi, Deuro, deixw soi to krima thV pornhV thV megalhV, thV kaqhmenhV epi twn udatwn twn pollwn

17:2 meq hV eporneusan oi basileiV thV ghV, kai emequsqhsan ek tou oinou thV porneiaV authV oi katoikounteV thn ghn.

17:3 Kai aphnegke me eiV erhmon en Pneumati kai eidon gunaika kaqhmenhn epi qhrion kokkinon, gemon onomatwn blasfhmiaV, econ kefalaV epta kai kerata deka.

17:4 Kai h gunh hn peribeblhmenh porfura kai kokkinw, kai kecruswmenh crusw kai liqw timiw kai margaritaiV, ecousa crusoun pothrion en th ceiri authV, gemon bdelugmatwn kai akaqarthtoV porneiaV authV,

17:5 kai epi to metwpon authV onoma gegrammenon, Musthrion, Babulwn h megalh, h mhthr twn pornwn kai twn bdelugmatwn thV ghV.

17:6 Kai eidon thn gunaika mequousan ek tou aimatoV twn agiwn, kai ek tou aimatoV twn marturwn Ihsou. Kai eqaumasa, idwn authn, qauma mega.

17:7 Kai eipe moi o aggeloV, Diati eqaumasaV; egw soi erw to musthrion thV gunaikoV, kai tou qhriou tou bastazontoV authn, tou econtoV taV epta kefalaV kai ta deka kerata.

17:8 To qhrion, o eideV, hn, kai ouk esti, kai mellei anabainein ek thV abussou, kai eiV apwleian upagein. Kai qaumasontai oi katoikounteV epi thV ghV, wn ou gegraptai ta onomata epi to biblion thV zwhV apo katabolhV kosmou, bleponteV to qhrion o, ti hn, kai ouk esti, kaiper estin.

17:9 Wde o nouV o ecwn sofian. Ai epta kefalai orh eisin epta, opou h gunh kaqhtai ep autwn. Kai basileiV epta eisin

17:10 oi pente epesan, kai o eiV estin, o alloV oupw hlqe kai, otan elqh, oligon auton dei meinai.

17:11 Kai to qhrion o hn, kai ouk esti, kai autoV ogdooV esti, kai ek twn epta esti, kai eiV apwleian upagei.

17:12 Kai ta deka kerata, a eideV, deka basileiV eisin, oitineV basileian oupw elabon, all exousian wV basileiV mian wran lambanousi meta tou qhriou.

17:13 Outoi mian gnwmhn ecousi kai thn dunamin kai thn exousian autwn tw qhriw diadidwsousin.

17:14 Outoi meta tou arniou polemhsousi, kai to arnion nikhsei autouV oti KurioV kuriwn esti kai basileuV basilewn, kai oi met autou, klhtoi kai eklektoi kai pistoi.

17:15 Kai legei moi, Ta udata, a eideV, ou h pornh kaqhtai, laoi kai ocloi eisi, kai eqnh kai glwssai.

17:16 Kai ta deka kerata, a eideV, kai to qhrion, outoi mishsousi thn pornhn, kai hrhmwmenhn poihsousin authn kai gumnhn, kai taV sarkaV authV fagontai, kai authn katakausousin en puri.

17:17 O gar QeoV edwken eiV taV kardiaV autwn poihsai thn gnwmhn autou, kai poihsai mian gnwmhn, kai dounai thn basileian autwn tw qhriw, acri telesqh ta rhmata tou qeou.

17:18 Kai h gunh, hn eideV, estin h poliV h megalh, h ecousa basileian epi twn basilewn thV ghV.



18:1 Kai meta tauta eidon allon aggelon katabainonta ek tou ouranou, econta exousian megalhn kai h gh efwtisqh ek thV doxhV autou.

18:2 Kai ekraxen en iscui, fwnh megalh, legwn, Epesen epese Babulwn h megalh, kai egeneto katoikhthrion daimonwn, kai fulakh pantoV pneumatoV akaqartou, kai fulakh pantoV orneou akaqartou kai memishmenou.

18:3 Oti ek tou oinou tou qumou thV porneiaV authV pepwke panta ta eqnh, kai oi basileiV thV ghV met authV eporneusan, kai oi emporoi thV ghV ek thV dunamewV tou strhnouV authV eplouthsan.

18:4 Kai hkousa allhn fwnhn ek tou ouranou, legousan, Exelqete ex authV o laoV mou, ina mh sugkoinwnhshte taiV amartiaiV authV, kai ina mh labhte ek twn plhgwn authV

18:5 oti ekollhqhsan authV ai amartiai acri tou ouranou, kai emnhmoneusen o QeoV ta adikhmata authV.

18:6 Apodote auth wV kai auth apedwken umin, kai diplwsate auth dipla kata ta erga authV en tw pothriw w ekerase kerasate auth diploun.

18:7 Osa edoxasen eauthn kai estrhniase, tosouton dote auth basanismon kai penqoV oti en th kardia authV legei, Kaqhmai basilissa, kai chra ouk eimi, kai penqoV ou mh idw.

18:8 Dia touto en mia hmera hxousin ai plhgai authV, qanatoV kai penqoV kai limoV, kai en puri katakauqhsetai, oti iscuroV KurioV o QeoV o krinwn authn.

18:9 Kai klausontai authn, kai koyontai ep auth oi basileiV thV ghV oi met authV porneusanteV kai strhniasanteV, otan blepwsi ton kapnon thV purwsewV authV,

18:10 apo makroqen esthkoteV dia ton fobon tou basanismou authV, legonteV, Ouai, ouai, h poliV h megalh Babulwn, h poliV h iscura, oti en mia wra hlqen h krisiV sou.

18:11 Kai oi emporoi thV ghV klaiousi kai penqousin ep auth, oti ton gomon autwn oudeiV agorazei ouketi

18:12 gomon crusou, kai argurou, kai liqou timiou, kai margaritou, kai bussou, kai porfuraV, kai shrikou, kai kokkinou kai pan xulon quinon, kai pan skeuoV elefantinon, kai pan skeuoV ek xulou timiwtatou, kai calkou, kai sidhrou, kai marmarou

18:13 kai kinamwmon, kai qumiamata, kai muron, kai libanon, kai oinon, kai elaion, kai semidalin, kai siton, kai kthnh, kai probata kai ippwn, kai redwn, kai swmatwn kai yucaV anqrwpwn.

18:14 Kai h opwra thV epiqumiaV thV yuchV sou aphlqen apo sou, kai panta ta lipara kai ta lampra aphlqen apo sou, kai ouketi ou mh eurhshV auta.

18:15 Oi emporoi toutwn, oi plouthsanteV ap authV, apo makroqen sthsontai dia ton fobon tou basanismou authV, klaionteV kai penqounteV,

18:16 kai legonteV, Ouai, ouai, h poliV h megalh, h peribeblhmenh bussinon kai porfuroun kai kokkinon, kai kecruswmenh en crusw kai liqw timiw kai margaritaiV

18:17 oti mia wra hrhmwqh o tosoutoV ploutoV. Kai paV kubernhthV, kai paV epi twn ploiwn o omiloV, kai nautai, kai osoi thn qalassan ergazontai, apo makroqen esthsan,

18:18 kai ekrazon, orwnteV ton kapnon thV purwsewV authV, legonteV, TiV omoia th polei th megalh;

18:19 kai ebalon coun epi taV kefalaV autwn, kai ekrazon klaionteV kai penqounteV, legonteV, Ouai, ouai, h poliV h megalh, en h eplouthsan panteV oi econteV ploia en th qalassh ek thV timiothtoV authV, oti mia wra hrhmwqh.

18:20 Eufrainou ep authn, ourane, kai oi agioi apostoloi, kai oi profhtai, oti ekrinen o QeoV to krima umwn ex authV.

18:21 Kai hren eiV aggeloV iscuroV liqon wV mulon megan, kai ebalen eiV thn qalassan, legwn, OutwV ormhmati blhqhsetai Babulwn h megalh poliV, kai ou mh eureqh eti.

18:22 Kai fwnh kiqarwdwn kai mousikwn kai aulhtwn kai salpistwn ou mh akousqh en soi eti, kai paV tecnithV pashV tecnhV ou mh eureqh en soi eti, kai fwnh mulou ou mh akousqh en soi eti,

18:23 kai fwV lucnou ou mh fanh en soi eti, kai fwnh numfiou kai numfhV ou mh akousqh en soi eti oti oi emporoi sou hsan oi megistaneV thV ghV oti en th farmakeia sou eplanhqhsan panta ta eqnh.

18:24 Kai en auth aima profhtwn kai agiwn eureqh, kai pantwn twn esfagmenwn epi thV ghV.



19:1 Kai meta tauta hkousa fwnhn oclou pollou megalhn en tw ouranw, legontoV, Allhlouia h swthria kai h

doxa kai h timh kai h dunamiV Kuriw tw Qew hmwn

19:2 oti alhqinai kai dikaiai ai kriseiV autou oti ekrine thn pornhn thn megalhn, htiV efqeire thn ghn en th

porneia authV, kai exedikhse to aima twn doulwn autou ek thV ceiroV authV.

19:3 Kai deuteron eirhkan, Allhlouia kai o kapnoV authV anabainei eiV touV aiwnaV twn aiwnwn.

19:4 Kai epesan oi presbuteroi oi eikosi kai tessareV, kai ta tessara zwa, kai prosekunhsan tw Qew tw

kaqhmenw epi tw qronou, legonteV, Amhn Allhlouia.

19:5 Kai fwnh ek tou qronou, exhlqe, legousa, Aineite ton Qeon hmwn panteV oi douloi autou, kai oi foboumenoi

auton, kai oi mikroi kai oi megaloi.

19:6 Kai hkousa wV fwnhn oclou pollou, kai wV fwnhn udatwn pollwn, kai wV fwnhn brontwn iscurwn, legontaV, Allhlouia oti ebasileuse KurioV o QeoV o pantokratwr.


19:7 Cairwmen kai agalliwmeqa, kai dwmen thn doxan autw oti hlqen o gamoV tou arniou, kai h gunh autou

htoimasen eauthn.

19:8 Kai edoqh auth ina peribalhtai bussinon kaqaron kai lampron to gar bussinon ta dikaiwmata esti twn


19:9 Kai legei moi, Grayon, Makarioi oi eiV to deipnon tou gamou tou arniou keklhmenoi. Kai legei moi, Outoi oi

logoi alhqinoi eisi tou Qeou.

19:10 Kai epeson emprosqen twn podwn autou proskunhsai autw kai legei moi, Ora mh sundouloV sou eimi kai twn adelfwn sou twn econtwn thn marturian tou Ihsou tw Qew proskunhson h gar marturia tou Ihsou esti to pneuma thV profhteiaV.

19:11 Kai eidon ton ouranon anewgmenon, kai idou, ippoV leukoV, kai o kaqhmenoV ep auton, kaloumenoV pistoV kai alhqinoV, kai en dikaiosunh krinei kai polemei.

19:12 Oi de ofqalmoi autou wV flox puroV, kai epi thn kefalhn autou diadhmata polla ecwn onoma gegrammenon o oudeiV oiden ei mh autoV,

19:13 kai peribeblhmenoV imation bebammenon aimati kai kaleitai to onoma autou, O logoV tou Qeou.

19:14 Kai ta strateumata ta en tw ouranw hkolouqei autw ef ippoiV leukoiV, endedumenoi bussinon leukon kai


19:15 Kai ek tou stomatoV autou ekporeuetai romfaia oxeia, ina en auth patassh ta eqnh kai autoV poimanei

autouV en rabdw sidhra kai autoV patei thn lhnon tou oinou tou qumou kai thV orghV tou Qeou tou


19:16 Kai ecei epi to imation kai epi ton mhron autou onoma gegrammenon, basileuV basilewn kai KurioV kuriwn.

19:17 Kai eidon ena aggelon estwta en tw hliw kai ekraxe fwnh megalh, legwn pasi toiV orneoiV toiV petwmenoiV en mesouranhmati, Deute kai sunagesqe eiV to deipnon tou megalou Qeou,

19:18 ina faghte sarkaV basilewn, kai sarkaV ciliarcwn, kai sarkaV iscurwn, kai sarkaV ippwn kai twn

kaqhmenwn ep autwn, kai sarkaV pantwn, eleuqerwn te kai doulwn, kai mikrwn kai megalwn.

19:19 Kai eidon to qhrion, kai touV basileiV thV ghV, kai ta strateumata autwn sunhgmena poihsai polemon meta

tou kaqhmenou epi tou ippou, kai meta tou strateumatoV autou.

19:20 Kai epiasqh to qhrion, kai meta toutou o yeudoprofhthV o poihsaV ta shmeia enwpion autou, en oiV

eplanhse touV labontaV to caragma tou qhriou, kai touV proskunountaV th eikoni autou zwnteV eblhqhsan oi duo eiV thn limnhn tou puroV thn kaiomenhn en tw qeiw

19:21 kai oi loipoi apektanqhsan en th romfaia tou kaqhmenou epi tou ippou, th ekporeuomenh ek tou stomatoV

autou kai panta ta ornea ecortasqhsan ek twn sarkwn autwn.



20:1 Kai eidon aggelon katabainonta ek tou ouranou, econta thn kleida thV abussou, kai alusin megalhn epi thn ceira autou.

20:2 Kai ekrathse ton drakonta, ton ofin ton arcaion, oV esti diaboloV kai SatanaV, kai edhsen auton cilia eth,

20:3 kai ebalen auton eiV thn abusson, kai ekleisen auton, kai esfragisen epanw autou, ina mh planhsh ta

eqnh eti, acri telesqh ta cilia eth kai meta tauta dei auton luqhnai mikron cronon.

20:4 Kai eidon qronouV, kai ekaqisan ep autouV, kai krima edoqh autoiV kai taV yucaV twn pepelekismenwn dia thn marturian Ihsou, kai dia ton logon tou Qeou, kai oitineV ou prosekunhsan to qhriw, oute thn eikona autou,

kai ouk elabon to caragma epi to metwpon autwn, kai epi thn ceira autwn kai ezhsan, kai ebasileusan meta

Cristou cilia eth.

20:5 Oi de loipoi twn nekrwn ouk anezhsan ewV telesqh ta cilia eth. Auth h anastasiV h prwth.

20:6 MakarioV kai agioV o ecwn meroV en th anastasei th prwth epi toutwn o qanatoV o deuteroV ouk ecei exousian, all esontai iereiV tou Qeou kai tou Cristou, kai basileusousi met autou cilia eth.

20:7 Kai otan telesqh ta cilia eth, luqhsetai o SatanaV ek thV fulakhV autou,

20:8 kai exeleusetai planhsai ta eqnh ta en taiV tessarsi gwniaiV thV ghV, ton Gwg kai ton Magwg, sunagagein

autouV eiV ton polemon wn o ariqmoV wV h ammoV thV qalasshV.

20:9 Kai anebhsan epi to platoV thV ghV, kai ekuklwsan thn parembolhn twn agiwn kai thn polin thn hgaphmenhn kai katebh pur apo tou Qeou ek tou ouranou, kai katefagen autouV.

20:10 Kai o diaboloV o planwn autouV eblhqh eiV thn limnhn tou puroV kai qeiou, opou kai to qhrion kai o

yeudoprofhthV kai basanisqhsontai hmeraV kai nuktoV eiV touV aiwnaV twn aiwnwn.

20:11 Kai eidon qronon leukon megan, kai ton kaqhmenon ep autou ou apo tou proswpou efugen h gh kai o ouranoV, kai topoV ouc eureqh autoiV.

20:12 Kai eidon touV nekrouV, mikrouV kai touV megalouV, estwtaV enwpion tou Qeou, kai biblia hnewcqhsan kai

biblion allo hnewcqh, o esti thV zwhV kai ekriqhsan oi nekroi ek twn gegrammenwn en toiV biblioiV, kata ta erga



20:13 Kai edwken h qalassa touV en auth nekrouV kai o qanatoV kai o adhV edwkan touV en autoiV nekrouV kai

ekriqhsan ekastoV kata ta erga autwn.

20:14 Kai o qanatoV kai o adhV eblhqhsan eiV thn limnhn tou puroV outoV estin o deuteroV qanatoV.

20:15 Kai ei tiV ouc eureqh en th biblw thV zwhV gegrammenoV, eblhqh eiV thn limnhn tou puroV.



21:1 Kai eidon ouranon kainon kai ghn kainhn o gar prwtoV ouranoV kai h prwth gh parhlqe, kai h qalassa ouk estin eti.

21:2 Kai egw IwannhV eidon thn polin thn agian, Ierousalhm kainhn, katabainousan apo tou Qeou ek tou ouranou, htoimasmenhn wV numfhn kekosmhmenhn tw andri authV.

21:3 Kai hkousa fwnhV megalhV ek tou ouranou, legoushV, Idou, h skhnh tou qeou meta twn anqrwpwn, kai

skhnwsei met autwn kai autoi laoi autou esontai, kai autoV o QeoV estai met autwn, QeoV autwn

21:4 kai exaleiyei o QeoV pan dakruon apo twn ofqalmwn autwn, kai o qanatoV ouk estai eti, oute penqoV, oute

kraugh, oute ponoV ouk estai eti oti ta prwta aphlqon.

21:5 Kai eipen o kaqhmenoV epi tou qronou, Idou, kaina panta poiw. Kai legei moi, Grayon oti outoi oi logoi alhqinoi kai pistoi eisi.

21:6 Kai eipe moi, Gegone. egw eimi to A kai to W, h arch kai to teloV. Egw tw diywnti dwsw ek thV phghV tou udatoV thV zwhV dwrean.

21:7 O nikwn klhronomhsei panta, kai esomai autw QeoV, kai autoV estai moi o uioV.

21:8 DeiloiV de kai apistoiV kai ebdelugmenoiV kai foneusi kai pornoiV kai farmakeusi kai eidwlolatraiV, kai

pasi toiV yeudesi, to meroV autwn en th limnh th kaiomenh puri kai qeiw, o esti deuteroV qanatoV.

21:9 Kai hlqe proV me eiV twn epta aggelwn twn econtwn taV epta fialaV taV gemousaV twn epta plhgwn twn

escatwn, kai elalhsen met emou, legwn, Deuro, deixw soi thn numfhn tou arniou thn gunaika.

21:10 Kai aphnegken me en Pneumati epi oroV mega kai uyhlon, kai edeixe moi thn polin thn megalhn thn agian

Ierousalhm, katabainousan ek tou ouranou apo tou Qeou,

21:11 ecousan thn doxan tou Qeou kai o fwsthr authV omoioV liqw timiwtatw, wV liqw iaspidi krustallizonti

21:12 ecousan te teicoV mega kai uyhlon, ecousan pulwnaV dwdeka, kai epi toiV pulwsin aggelouV dwdeka, kai

onomata epigegrammena, a esti twn dwdeka fulwn twn uiwn Israhl.

21:13 Ap anatolhV, pulwneV treiV apo borra, pulwneV treiV apo notou, pulwneV treiV kai apo dusmwn, pulwneV


21:14 Kai to teicoV thV polewV ecwn qemeliouV dwdeka, kai en autoiV onomata twn dwdeka apostolwn tou arniou.

21:15 Kai o lalwn met emou eicen kalamon crusoun, ina metrhsh thn polin, kai touV pulwnaV authV, kai to teicoV authV.

21:16 Kai h poliV tetragwnoV keitai, kai to mhkoV authV tosouton estin oson kai to platoV. Kai emetrhse thn polin tw kalamw epi stadiwn dwdeka ciliadwn to mhkoV kai to platoV kai to uyoV authV isa estin.

21:17 Kai emetrhse to teicoV authV ekaton tesserakontatessarwn phcwn, metron anqrwpou, o estin aggelou.

21:18 Kai hn h endomhsiV tou teicouV authV, iaspiV kai h poliV crusion kaqaron, omoia ualw kaqarw

21:19 kai oi qemelioi tou teicouV thV polewV panti liqw timiw kekosmhmenoi. O qemelioV o prwtoV, iaspiV o deuteroV, sapfeiroV o tritoV, calkhdwn o tetartoV, smaragdoV

21:20 o pemptoV, sardonux o ektoV, sardioV o ebdomoV, crusoliqoV o ogdooV, bhrulloV o ennatoV, topazion o

dekatoV, crusoprasoV o endekatoV, uakinqoV o dwdekatoV, amequstoV.

21:21 Kai oi dwdeka pulwneV, dwdeka margaritai ana eiV ekastoV twn pulwnwn hn ex enoV margaritou kai h

plateia thV polewV crusion kaqaron, wV ualoV diafanhV.

21:22 Kai naon ouk eidon en auth o gar KurioV o qeoV o pantokratwr naoV authV esti, kai to arnion.

21:23 kai h poliV ou creian ecei tou hliou oude thV selhnhV, ina fainwsin auth h gar doxa tou Qeou efwtisen

authn, kai o lucnoV authV to arnion.

21:24 Kai ta eqnh dia twn swzomenwn en tw fwti authV peripathsousi kai oi basileiV thV ghV ferousi thn doxan

kai thn timhn autwn eiV authn.

21:25 Kai oi pulwneV authV ou mh kleisqwsin hmeraV (nux gar ouk estai ekei)

21:26 kai oisousi thn doxan kai thn timhn twn eqnwn eiV authn

21:27 kai ou mh eiselqh eiV authn pan koinoun, kai poioun bdelugma kai yeudoV ei mh oi gegrammenoi en tw bibliw thV zwhV tou arniou.



22:1 Kai edeixe moi kaqaron potamon udatoV zwhV, lampron wV krustallon, ekporeuomenon ek tou qronou tou Qeou kai tou arniou.

22:2 En mesw thV plateiaV authV, kai tou potamou enteuqen kai enteuqen, xulon zwhV poioun karpouV dwdeka, kata mhna ena ekaston apodidoun ton karpon autou kai ta fulla tou xulou eiV qerapeian twn eqnwn.

22:3 Kai pan katanaqema ouk estai eti kai o qronoV tou Qeou kai tou arniou en auth estai kai oi douloi autou

latreusousin autw,

22:4 kai oyontai to proswpon autou kai to onoma autou epi twn metwpwn autwn.

22:5 Kai nux ouk estai ekei, kai creian ouk ecousi lucnou kai fwtoV hliou, oti KurioV o QeoV fwtizei autouV

kai basileusousin eiV touV aiwnaV twn aiwnwn.

22:06 Kai eipe moi, Outoi oi logoi pistoi kai alhqinoi kai KurioV o QeoV twn agiwn profhtwn apesteile ton

aggelon autou deixai toiV douloiV autou a dei genesqai en tacei.

22:7 Idou, ercomai tacu. MakarioV o thrwn touV logouV thV profhteiaV tou bibliou toutou.

22:8 Kai egw IwannhV o blepwn tauta kai akouwn. Kai ote hkousa kai ebleya, epesa proskunhsai emprosqen twn podwn tou aggelou tou deiknuontoV moi tauta.

22:9 Kai legei moi, Ora mh sundouloV sou gar eimi, kai twn adelfwn sou twn profhtwn, kai twn thrountwn touV logouV tou bibliou toutou tw Qew proskunhson.

22:10 Kai legei moi, Mh sfragishV touV logouV thV profhteiaV tou bibliou toutou oti o kairoV egguV estin.

22:11 O adikwn adikhsatw eti kai o rupwn rupwsatw eti kai o dikaioV dikaiwqhtw eti kai o agioV agiasqhtw eti.

22:12 Kai idou, ercomai tacu, kai o misqoV mou met emou, apodounai ekastw wV to ergon autou estai.

22:13 Egw eimi to A kai to W, arch kai teloV, o prwtoV kai o escatoV.

22:14 Makarioi oi poiounteV taV entolaV autou, ina estai h exousia autwn epi to xulon thV zwhV, kai toiV pulwsin eiselqwsin eiV thn polin.

22:15 Exw de oi kuneV kai oi farmakoi kai oi pornoi kai oi foneiV kai oi eidwlolatrai, kai paV o filwn kai poiwn


22:16 Egw IhsouV epemya ton aggelon mou marturhsai umin tauta epi taiV ekklhsiaiV. Egw eimi h riza kai to genoV tou Dabid, o asthr o lamproV o orqrinoV.

22:17 Kai to Pneuma kai h numfh legousin, Elqe. Kai o akouwn eipatw, Elqe. Kai o diywn elqetw kai o qelwn

lambanetw to udwr zwhV dwrean.

22:18 Summarturoumai gar panti akouonti touV logouV thV profhteiaV tou bibliou toutou, Ean tiV epitiqh proV

tauta, epiqhsei o QeoV ep auton taV plhgaV taV gegrammenaV en bibliw toutw

22:19 kai ean tiV afairh apo twn logwn biblou thV profhteiaV tauthV, afairhsei o QeoV to meroV autou apo

biblou thV zwhV, kai ek thV polewV thV agiaV twn gegrammenwn en bibliw toutw.

22:20 Legei o marturwn tauta, Nai, ercomai tacu. Amhn. Ercou, Kurie Ihsou.

22:21 H cariV tou Kuriou hmwn Ihsou Cristou meta pantwn umwn. Amhn.





1:2 o proephggeilato dia twn profhtwn autou en grafaiV agiaiV,