הביאה השנייה Look at the doctrine of HaBiyah HaShniyah, the Second Coming. It's found in the Tanakh. It's also in Matthew 24:31; Mark 13:27 and Second Thessalonians 2:1 which all have the same word επισυναγω which means "to gather together" and that is the HaBiyah HaShniyah הביאה השנייה But we're dealing now with a generation of scoffers and reprobates that have no faith whatsoever. But when you look at the Tanakh, at Isaiah chapter 66 verse 15 you see it says "For hinei Hashem will come with eish (fire) with His merkavot (chariots) like the whirlwind to render His anger in fury, His rebuke in flames of eish (fire)." And in the letter to the Kehillah (Church) at Philadelphia there is a Scripture (Revelation 3:8) about a door and no man can shut it. And then it says "For thou hast a little strength" Now this reminds me of little UBIQUITOUS (ubiquitous means "found everywhere") bethshalom.nyc with a little strength. That word about Beth Shalom comes from the enemies who want to shut it down and on April 10th 1994 after he (Mark Gozophsky) had come to shut it down, this man came to the door of Beth Shalom, this guy (I'll call him Mark Gozophsky). He was heading up a terrorist organization.The FBI raided his offices. He fled to Israel. Somehow he got into the country. But his organization itself is a terrorist organization outlawed in Israel. But he had come to the door (of Beth Shalom) and he was going to shut it down. It was a door that this man (Mark Gozophsky) was going to shut. But it says right here in Revelation 3:8 that NO man can shut this door! The Lord showed me to go to an automotive parts place and get one of these one-way mirror screens or films that you put on the window so you could look out, but people can't see you looking out. They can only see from their side of the window a mirror, but on your side you can see everything. But these terrorists were going to make a terrorist map of where everybody lives and where they parked their cars and methodically steal everybody's car, so that you wake up in the morning and you look out the window and your car isn't there and you don't know where it is and you'll never see it again. And that was the message: "You go to this congregation (bethshalom.nyc) and you can kiss your car Goodbye." And we found out that most people are not willing--I mean it is hard enough to get them just to come two Sundays in a row, period. But if they think they're going to lose their new Buick, they won't be back at all! We found that out! And so this guy this "Mark" (that's not his real name), he had come to the door, he had looked at the door, and he said, "This place is going to be shut down" and the door, in other words, would be shut, and no man would be able to open it. So we're gonna find out if God's Word (Rev 3:8) is true or not, my friend. And so now I have to go back to 2nd Kings chapter 6 verse 17. Because there are times when you have to pray like Elisha and here in 2nd Kings chapter 6, verse 17 he has to pray that God will open the eyes of his servant to the fiery horses and chariots on the mountain. We're talking about a preview of the doctrine of הביאה השנייה the Second Coming. But is there a Second Coming? Will there be chariots of fire? Will there be myriads of angels? Will the kedoshim come? Or is that a fairy tale? This generation of Millennials who believe in everything BUT the Bible, say it's a fairy tale. All right, friend. You say what you want, but... I'm going to give you my עדות (testimony). It says in 2nd Kings what is also my testimony, chapter 6, verse 17 "where upon the servant saw the mountain full of fiery horses and chariots around about Elisha." Now when you look at the commentaries on this Hebrew, when you look at Keil and Delitzsch, they say this: quote/unquote "OPENING THE EYES quote/unquote was translation into the ecstatic state of (Biblical) clairvoyance in which an insight into the invisible protective powers of Heaven around Elisha was granted to the servant." And this is what I'm going to tell you about right now. Because in 41 years of ministry I've only been shut down (put into a trance, ἔκστασις Acts 10:10 "trance") twice, where the Lord puts me in a trance.And He only does it when there's an emergency. He only does it when it's basically about the only way He can do it. Because we're NOT talking about little parlor tricks that evangelists use to do fundraising, where they come into a church, and they get all the little old ladies to empty their purses. Because of some little parlor trick that they're doing. No, friend, we're not talking about that; we're talking about war! We're talking about the devil. We're talking about a power encounter where the demonic people are going to do their thing, and God is going to have to do His thing; and the persecutors say, "We are going to shut this door! We're going to scare everyone off! We're going to close down this place, and we are going to exclude whomever we want to!" That's exactly the opposite of what this says (Revelation chapter 3). It says basically that the Messiah who bears the key of David's House, the supreme power of the Messianic Kingdom, the power to admit, the power to exclude, the power to his own people,the door that will open and NONE, no scribe, no Pharisee, will be able to shut it, because it's God's door! Hallelujah! So it was 8 o'clock in the morning, 8 o'clock in the morning, and I was upstairs at Beth Shalom and I was I was in a frenzy, a real workaholic. And I was at the computer, and I was trying to do all this stuff, I had stuff I was trying to type, I was trying to get stuff off the Internet... and all of a sudden, the Lord just shut me down. He just shut me down. He shut me down. He shut me down. He shut me down. He shut me down. (He made me fall into a trance ἔκστασις Acts 10:10 "trance"). You understand I'm talking about a trance, I'm talking about clairvoyance, Biblical clairvoyance, I'm talking about the Lord shutting you down in ἔκστασις Acts 10:10 "trance." And what did the Lord say? What did the Holy Spirit say? He said, "The front door." Those three words, "the front door." Now I'm in a trance ἔκστασις Acts 10:10 "trance," and the Lord is speaking to me. You say "Oh sure!" "The Lord is speaking to you? Oh yes! Well have you talked to your psychiatrist about this?" I was in a trance ἔκστασις Acts 10:10, my friend! "The front door." Now, let me tell you what the Lord was looking at from up in heaven, and what I couldn't see. Out in front of bethshalom.nyc my rental car was parked. Why was it a rental car? Because they had stolen my car and I had to get a rental car. Now they're gonna play with my rental car. They've already played with my car; now they're gonna play with my rental car (they think). But they don't realize that there is a God in Heaven who's looking down and what had happened was a black car had pulled behind my rental car so that the front bumper touched the back bumper of my rental car and then they had dispatched the other car (it was a red car) and they were going to put the red car in front of my front bumper, so I could not get the rental car out at all. So that my rental car would be just as good as stolen, even though it was a rental car to replace the stolen car. That's what was going on. I didn't know that! Are you kidding? I was upstairs (in the back of the building); I couldn't see out any window. All I knew was that the Lord had shut me down in a ἔκστασις "trance" Acts 10:10. He shut me down. He just shut me down: "The front door." I said, "The front door?" "The front door." He repeated it. I said to the Lord, "What about the front door?" (I'm giving you a verbatim conversation. This is exactly what was said. God is speaking and I'm speaking. The Holy Spirit is speaking and I'm speaking back and the Holy Spirit is answering me.) I said "What about the front door?" He said "Get up and run down there immediately and stay at the front door." So I got up and I ran down there. Now I'm standing at the front door. Now I told you I had a one-way mirror on the other side of the front door. There was a window there but you could not see in, but I could see out. If you looked at this door from the outside you would just see a mirror. But I was looking from this side and I'm standing there. I'm saying, "Lord I don't see anything. What are you, what do you want me to look at?" And (it sounds surreal but) I'm talking to the Lord. He said "Put your eyes on the rental car and don't take them off." So I'm looking at the rental car. And I'm looking at it... Then I see the black car. Why is the black car parked like that? with the front bumper touching my back bumper? So I saw that there's something strange here! What's going on? And at that exact moment, the red car started backing up and I could see what he was going to do, he was going to put his back bumper against my foot bumper and in effect take my rental car and make it as useless as my car, which they had stolen; and now they're going to play games with my rental car! But what they didn't realize was, you cannot play games with God, my friend! You cannot play games with God. There is going to be הביאה השנייה the Second Coming, the fiery chariots that Elisha saw and his servant had his eyes opened to see (2 Kings 6:17) in a state of (Biblical) clairvoyance so that he could see! I'm not talking about a visual miracle in clairvoyance. I'm talking about a Biblical clairvoyance with an auditory miracle. I was hearing the voice of Almighty God. I wasn't seeing anything. I was hearing God, and God was giving me a "heads up" (warning)! So I threw the door open and I ran out there and I said, "Okay, guys, you either move these cars right now, or I'm calling the police, and you're both going to jail!" They got scared! And, you, Mr. Millennial, you need to get scared! Your soul needs you to get scared. How scared? Scared enough for you to believe in the Second Coming. Because there's a day when you will stand before Him, where this world will get a big disruption, and it's going to be God Coming! And He's going to judge the world, the sheep and the goats, and He's going to intervene. And the false Moshiach will be destroyed and all of his armies and the Armageddon thing will be a wipeout for the devil, and it's coming. It's in the Bible. It's in the Tanakh. It's in the Brit Chadasha.I believe it, as sure as I believe that Moshiach's kaporah blood washes away all my evil deeds which are written in a Book (Rev 20:13-15) and cannot be washed away any other way (Isaiah 53:11). Elisha's servant (2Kgs 6:17) had his eyes opened and saw things you cannot see with the eye of the flesh, and I had my ears opened and I heard things that you cannot hear with ears of the flesh.

First, depression is no laughing matter.
Second, failure is depressing, and if you are an Anti-Moshiach activist, you are fighting the Ruach Hakodesh, and you are certain to fail.
So no wonder you are depressed.

Let me start with a story about the Ruach Hakodesh.

It's also a story about a Jewish man--we'll call him Ralph.

I hadn't seen Ralph for over six months.
I was sitting in my office one day in New York City.
I had piles of books all around me and a mountain of work in which I was all set to plunge.
Then, without any warning, the Ruach Hakodesh suddenly shut me down.

Like turning off a switch.
Like pulling the plug on a machine.
The Holy Spirit just shut me down.
I just sat there.


I just sat there.


I was unplugged.
All shut down.


I had all these other plans for the day.
I was itching to start working.



It was no use.
I had no choice.

All right.
What about Ralph?

Call him.

Call him?
I have nothing to say to him.

Call him.

I had all this other stuff to do and that was the last thing I wanted to do when I came into the office.
It was not on my mind at all.
And now I saw I had no choice, because the Ruach Hakodesh was shutting me down.

Do I have to call Ralph?

Call him.

I dug around and found Ralph's phone number, wondering what in the world I was going to say to him, since it was not MY idea at ALL to call him and he was a very busy and important man, not to be casually interrupted with a gratuitous phone call.

I found the phone number and began dialing long distance.
I could hear Ralph's phone ringing on the other end of the line.

When he answered, what in the world was I supposed to say?

The phone was still ringing.

Then Ralph was on the line. I remember he muttered something.

Then the Holy Spirit gave me the words. It was a question.

Ralph was still on the line.

I remember exactly how the question was worded.

Ralph, "which is better:
to work through this [depression]...I mean pray and fast and meditate on the Scriptures and go over to [I mentioned a messianic synagogue I had helped to plant] and seek the L-rd [I could have mentioned Isaiah 55:6 but I didn't].....OR...[I remember I said this very gently and softly, and he knew that I loved him, I had flown on a plane more than once just to see him]...OR...take a gun and blow your brains out and go to hell?
Which is better?" ...[the L-rd wants to know, Ralph...which is better?]

Actually it was the L-rd Who wanted to know. That morning, workaholic that I am, all I wanted to know up to that point was, to be truthful, When do I get to stop all this and go to work, L-rd? But, now, right at this moment, I was in the Spirit and really it was the L-rd actually asking Ralph the question. And then Ralph muttered something again and wanted to get off the phone.

A couple of days later a messianic Jewish lady, calling from her home after she stopped by the funeral home, left a message on my answering machine saying something like..."I know you were a good friend of his and thought you would want to know that [Ralph] took his life and we are all very sad here."

You say, "Phil, if you knew he had already acquired a gun and had been planning this suicide for sometime, why didn't you contact his family or the police or do something to save his life?"

You do not understand the Holy Spirit (see commentary on Ro 1:1).

I didn't know anything of the sort. You have to understand that I am a Pentecostal and the word of knowledge is not a parlor trick but a "ministry emergency" tool and that tool the L-rd throws me sometimes in a crisis, and you also have to understand that this kind of thing had never happened before in all my years of ministry. Know also that I am something of a workaholic and the L-rd only three times in my life has literally shut me down, unplugging me in a kind of spiritual suspended animation, wherein He tells me things I otherwise could not know, and on this particular day I had a mountain of work I desperately wanted to jump into doing, and the L-rd hung me out there in my spirit and would not let me do anything until I picked up that phone and got the call over with that He insisted that I make. So the Ruach Hakodesh suddenly pulled my plug and would not let me proceed with any of my workaholic plans for the day until I made a phone call which I didn't plan to make and which I had no idea what I was supposed to say (I had no prior knowledge that he was depressed or suicidal and he had never indicated that to me at any time since I had known him) and I did not know what I was going to say on the phone until the unpremeditated words came out of my mouth. (Mk 13:11)

But let's forget about me. Let's talk about the L-rd. Answer me this one question. What more could the L-rd do for Ralph?
The L-rd had helped us start a messianic synagogue near his office.
Ralph had seen me do a
complete performance of THE RABBI FROM TARSUS.
I had personally taken Ralph to a Bible Bookstore to buy him a Bible (I couldn't get him a copy of THE ORTHODOX JEWISH BIBLE because it wasn't finished yet).
And now moments before he committed suicide, the Ruach Hakodesh had supernaturally warned him.

What more could the L-rd do for Ralph?

Instead of judging just ME, why don't you also stand in judgment of the Anti-Moshiach activists that have nothing better to do with their time than to discourage these "Ralph's" from salvation?

They can't wait until they've found them and "de-programmed" them and discouraged them from their faith.
I was trying to build up Ralph's faith.
They want to tear it down.

When will these Anti-Moshiach activists realize that they are fighting the Ruach Hakodesh?

One day in the spring of 1994 I was working upstairs in the back of Beth Shalom.
During a period of stalking, intimidation, harassment, and other types of religious persecution, the Anti-Moshiach activists had damaged my van (one Beth Shalom van was fire-bombed years before) and stolen my car and I had a rental car replacement parked on Coney Island Ave across the street from Beth Shalom.

It was Sunday, (April 10th, 1994, around 8 o'clock in the morning.)
Suddenly the Holy Spirit shut me down.
He pulled my plug. I was like a machine switched off. It was exactly as I described above with Ralph. The same suspended animation. Precisely the same phenomenon. This has only happened three or four times in thirty years of ministry. This was just like with Ralph. I was working, working working. A workaholic knows what I am talking about. And then, without warning, the L-rd just shut me down. Just shut me down. Completely shut down. The Biblical language to describe this phenomenon is called "being in the Spirit."

The front door.

The front door?

The front door.

What about the front door?

Go right now and stand at the front door. (I got up and ran down the stairs and stood inside Beth Shalom at the front door, looking out the windowed front door of this messianic synagogue. In those two minutes I was actually engaged in a conversation with the Holy Spirit and getting instructions, like you would be if you were talking to another person. See Acts 8:29. Believe me, this kind of thing is a miracle and miracles don't happen every day, even at Beth Shalom. But I believe the L-rd was having mercy on me because I was suffering from post-traumatic stress from all the many weeks of persecution, and the L-rd was throwing me a tool for this ministry crisis, because these are His people and He loves them, blind though they are [Isaiah 56:10] as I was, as we all were, before we were born again and given spiritual eyes to see.)

So I said to the Holy Spirit these words in my mind: "Okay, I'm at the front door. Now what?"

Do not take your eyes off your rental car, even for a second.

Okay, I'm looking at it.
What about it?

Then I noticed that someone had parked his red car so that his rear bumper was actually lightly touching the front bumper of my rental car.

While I was wondering about this, staring intently, a black car suddenly pulled in very slowly behind my rental car and this black car put his front bumper lightly against my back bumper, making my rental car totally penned in between the black car and the red car.
My car having been stolen two weeks
before (actually the car wasn't really my car-- it belonged to a man named Yosie, who didn't need it anymore because he was in heaven), and my rental car now penned in, these Anti-Moshiach activists thought, "This one ain't going anywhere!")

Then this Anti-Moshiach activist got out of his black car and tried to slip away, not knowing of course that the Ruach Hakodesh was way ahead of him, and that he had been caught (Bamidbar 32:23).
He should have realized he was not dealing with just a shleper like me; he was dealing with the Ruach Hakodesh.
Give it up, boys!

However, early one day about 6 o'clock in the morning, this one Anti-Moshiach activist was parked in his car in front of Beth Shalom "casing the joint" for a break-in.
He was parked across the street from our building at 1410 Coney Island Ave.
It was so early the street was practically empty and he was alone in his car.
We'll call him "Mark Gabinowitz."

I was sound asleep upstairs in the back.

Suddenly the Ruach Hakodesh woke me up,
"Mark Gabinowitz!"

I tried to roll over and go back to sleep.

"Mark Gabinowitz!"
(this is not his real name)

I sat up in bed.

"Mark Gabinowitz!"

I got up and went into the bathroom and got into the shower.

"Mark Gabinowitz!"

I turned on the shower.

"Mark Gabinowitz!"

I got out of the shower and started drying off.

"Mark Gabinowitz!"

I started putting on my clothes.

"Mark Gabinowitz!"

All of a sudden a spirit of fury came on me.
I was practically knocking the door down to get to the upstairs staircase.
I was furious.
I had never been that angry in my life.
It was not me, I was angry in the Ruach Hakodesh.
I went tearing down the stairs absolutely furious in the Ruach Hakodesh.
I tore open the door and went crashing furiously out onto the Coney Island Avenue sidewalk.

Standing there was a neighbor, a very polite Orthodox Jew.
I nearly screamed at him, "Have you seen Mark Gabinowitz?"

Startled, my neighbor stepped back from me, "Yeah, I saw him last week. He was in my store for his organization, raising funds."

"Well, I have something I want you to tell him."

And just at that exact moment, we both turned our heads and looked... and there was Mark Gabinowitz, appearing very scared, as if he had been caught red-handed doing something wrong. He was starting up his ignition, and driving his car quickly down the street.

The next day was a Friday.
My friend Roger ran into me on the street on Coney Island Avenue and I told him the story.

Roger glanced at me with a kind of prophetic far-away look and said, "You will meet Mark Gabinowitz.
You will be kind to him, and you will tell him what his soul needs to hear."

That was Friday.
On Monday morning I was up at the corner in the bank line.
There were only a couple of tellers and the bank was very crowded with a long, long line.
I was standing there for quite a while, when my subconscious mind started studying the back of the head of the individual in front of me in the line.
There was something familiar about the back of his head.

Then he turned around.


As soon as he turned, he let out a soft scared kind of yell and jumped back a step!

I remembered Roger's words, "You will meet Mark Gabinowitz, you will be kind to him, and you will tell him what his soul needs to hear."

I opened my mouth.

I started to speak, "You know, Mark, if you knew me personally you would know that I'm a nice guy..."




(The word "say" lasted about 10 seconds in his mouth.)

Everybody in the bank turned around when he yelled that out.

I continued trying to witness to him in a soft voice, everybody in the bank staring at me.

Let me witness to you.
Give it up. Don't you realize it is futile to fight against the Ruach Hakodesh?

Which six words are you going to believe? Six words from the Tanakh or six words from the Talmud? Blatant disregard for the inerrant Tanakh
will cost the soul of the one making deathbed viddui
(confession of sin) of these words from the Talmud,

"May my death make kaparah for all my sins." rather than "T’hei mot haMoshiach kaparah al kol avonotai" "May the death of Moshiach make kaparah for all my sins."
If the following six words from the Talmud
תְּהֵא מִיתָתִי כַּפָּרָה עַל כָּל עֲוֹנוֹתָי. [סנהדרין פרק ו,ב]
are erroneously preferred to these six words from the Tanakh it will be to the eternal lose of the nefesh
כִּי נִגְזַר מֵאֶרֶץ חַיִּים מִפֶּשַׁע עַמִּי
Let's repeat this so that there can be no confusion or question. There are two confessions here. Each contains six little words. One Jewish confession is the holy inspired Word of G-d and one confession is not the inspired Word of G-d. Confession of the Talmud instead of the Tanakh will cost one his immortal soul. Here are the words from the Talmud:
"May my death make kaparah for all my sins." Here are the Words from the inerrant Tanakh: "Kee neegzar may-eretz chayyim mee-pay-sha amee." So from these inerrant words we confess "T’hei mot haMoshiach kaparah al kol avonotai," which translates into English: "May the death of Moshiach make kaparah for all my sins."

Now if
תְּהֵא מִיתָתִי כַּפָּרָה עַל כָּל עֲוֹנוֹתָי. [סנהדרין פרק ו,ב]
is erroneously preferred to these following six Hebrew words from the Tanakh, then that fatal choice will result in the eternal lose of the nefesh:
כִּי נִגְזַר מֵאֶרֶץ חַיִּים מִפֶּשַׁע עַמִּי

So we primordially and perennially,
with disastrous consequences for ourselves,
forsake the words of G-d and receive the contradictory words of HaSatan.

By the time we get to 2 Corinthians chp 11 we see that Satan wants to corrupt and ruin by means of Bible-opposing "knowledge," the so-called "deeper things of Satan." Instead of staying with the Word that was preached, the temptation of the Corinthians was to "go beyond what was written" and to be seduced by extra-Biblical knowledge (see Gen 3:5). Notice that Eve's "Bible" only has seven words in it.
The seven words in her "Bible" warn that death will be the result of her moral autonomy, of her getting her "knowledge" of good and evil, in other words, from a certain lethal tree rather than from the "Bible" her husband has been given wherein the meager content of seven words ("oo-meh-ETZ ha-DAH-aht tov va-rah loh toh-KHOHL mee-mehn-NOO" ...of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil you shall not eat from it) will nevertheless tell her how to live and not die. But in the hands of the evil Serpent this "Bible" can be twisted and used to deceive her so that she hands herself over to a rival authority, a Bible-opposing authority, with fatal results. Anything that rivals and opposes G-d is an idol, and in the Book of Revelation we see that the believers will give up their lives as martyrs rather than compromise with the idolatrous religion and way of life of the pagan society of the last days. It is fair to say that one cannot be a believer unless one repents from all idolatry. Whoever tries to keep his idolatrous life will lose it.